Hero RC H107 Mini RC Helicopter Review

This is a review of the H107 Mini helicopter from Hero RC. The H107 has
a gyroscope for stable flight, 3 channel infrared controller and about a flight time of about 10 minutes. I like the small helo and did a small review for people considering buying one. Note: H107 is for indoor use only. They cannot be bought directly from Hero RC but they are usually sold via kiosks at the mall.

Hero RC’s website: http://www.HeroRc.com


Joseph Thompson says:

I’d say having another battery in series will make the helicopter too heavy. Talk with the people who sell the helicopters and see if they have a battery with a longer life that can be switched out.

Sk Iqbal says:

I have same like that

Georgia Kontominas says:

i have one but in yellow

Conor Merphy says:

got mine on amazon for 15$

buruk obumu says:

hi i really like your video and im thinking to buy a heli like this one but u mentione on your video that the battery is not that good.Could i buy a 2nd battery and connect it into series so that ill have more mahs ?so more flight time?

Qudratullah KAKAR says:

thank you very much for your nice information, in Japan, to day I just bough the Minihelicopter. and it was turning around I could not understand what do do with its rotation. on the other I could not red the manual prepared with helicopter, because that was written in Japanese and I do not know any japanese, because I came from Afghanistan, thank you very much

Virginie R says:

Thanks from France ! The notice is in very bad english :o)

grand thompson says:

tat looks like da h288

Joseph Thompson says:

You do not need to tighten the rotor blades. The helicopter is ready to use right out of the box. Just charge the battery in the helicopter and place batteries in the remote controller and you’re ready to go.

harry carter says:

I have that one

[KN Channel] says:

Thank you

w lightknightandgreenarro says:

my brother buy h 107 but is want yellow helicopter

Cameron Crosby says:

“I weigh very little” that’s great grammar Jk

Bambruska Panema says:

how fly?

Zahir Bandukwala says:

Total noob question … Do i need to tighten the rotor blades ???

Joseph Thompson says:

There is a knob in the center of the handheld controller that changes the speed of rotation of the two main blades. Each blade goes in opposite directions to counteract each others rotation. As you turn it, it will increase or decrease one set of blades relative to the other. This will stop the helicopter from rotating. Also, as the battery gets low, you will notice the helicopter starting to spin again. Don’t re-adjust, just recharge your battery.

Ashim J says:

M finding it diificult to fly when ever i push d throttle,d helicopter starts revolving clockwise instead of moving up.plz suggest me what should i do to fly it properly!

TheGaps619 says:

I find it hard to move forward and backward but the battery is less than half charged i think, is that the issue?, or is it something else?

Sk Iqbal says:

I have same like that

After Burner says:

got like that one

Michaeler07 says:

Can you do a review on the strike force helicopter please!? Thank-you

coc tricks and strategies says:

the USB charger indicates that it is fully charged but its light will not light up when I turn it on and it won’t fly as well. Can you help

morgan poulsen says:


//u5e says:

thanks for a very good review! I just got a mini and i love it..

Benas Clash says:

Where to buy

Yeshwanth Chowdary Nimmagadda says:

I just bought one today and I am confused between the a b c on the remote. I can’t make out what it is used for. Can you please help me out with that. You flied really good

buruk obumu says:

yeah thats what ill do but i thought that one more battery would be a good idea since ive heard that some people put a coin on the helis nose and they fly it so i thought that such a small betery is as heave as a 1 euro coin

saad hussain says:

i am going to buy 
it costs just 100 Riyals

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