Hercules Helicopter: Review, Unboxing, Flight Testing

This is the review, unboxing and flight testing for the Hercules Helicopter. This heli is built by World Tech Toys and is touted as being unbreakable.


Nino Chanturishvili says:

Happy bar they

Torch TorchWood says:

great unboxing video Kiddo !  your going to be a star ! very informative !  and your grandparent must love you very much to buy you such a cool helicopter !  I’m so jelly !
so it’s been over a year now… how has it held up and what are your recommendations ?
has it held up or did it finally break somehow ?  should I buy this one or have you found something better ?   thanks for the info !
Torch ^i^

Ichigo Kurisaki says:

i had one 4 yrs ago but never got to fly it due to someone taking it when i wasn’t home…..just ordered a new one but a friend had one and tried theirs and fell in love with it..

IRONJAY Retacco says:

OK this kid did such a great job at unboxing this Heli. One of the best unboxings yet. Good job Awsome Little Dude. Very Kooooool.

Eunice xue says:

I like the way he flyer it

TJ Combo says:

Thanks for a good detailed review I have the exact same one. I haven’t open it yet. It’s been in my closet going on three years or more lol!

Michael Gray says:

Is it powerful enough to carry a small camera?

gary greenstein says:

And no way should be near a razor blade

gary greenstein says:

Check the age on it for kids

Niki Junk says:

Thank you for the review! You answered all of the questions that I had with great detail and thoroughness. There was no other manual that explained everything. Searching online, I only found a digital version of the short manual that came with the helicopter. You’re a lifesaver! 🙂

Matt Wright says:

Great job!  I got this helicopter for free, and learned the exact lessons you did.  The annoying part was it couldn’t fly forward in even a slight headwind.  Moving the battery forward to help is a great tip!!  

hm42 says:

I wish all reviews were this good. Super job!

Eli Iluz says:

Little Genius!! So cute!! 🙂

Bertha Patty says:

My Didn’t Come a Charger it’s a rip off

Ray Young says:

Cute. I’m done with Co-ax helis but it was a great video.

larry jones says:

the boy taught me that in order to charge the helicopter, the battery must be connected, which the instruction manual doesn’t explain. many thanks!

Mr67Steve says:

Now that’s how you do an unboxing video, with confidence and full of information good and bad, you’re gonna go far cos I’ve seen a lot of older people on youtube that are not as good as you.

RIchard Hamilton says:

I have never written a review but I had to this time because it was sooo helpful. Thanks so much you two!!

Joseph Key says:

They lied it broke 🙁 and i lost the controller but in all its vert good

mytmouse69 says:

GREAT REVIEW, very helpful… You’re one smart LiL dude. You’ve got a great Dad & Grandparents there! We just ordered this heli yesterday (was concerned though after ordering, from A LOT of POOR comments about control, etc.). Maybe now we’ll be satisfied with this when it arrives. We (the kids & I -the biggest kid) have been looking for a heli or drone (prefer heli – nostalgic) for us to fly around when we go RVing at the campsite & backyard back home. Something Durable, Easy to fly/control, Easy/quick charge, decent run time, not huge in size, but not tiny either. I thought this would fit our needs, but not sure now. 🙁
ANY SUGGESTIONS? Step up from this w/o being too pricey? OR should I wait to see how this preforms for us?

Shak Attack says:

hi my helicopters remote still flashes even after I did the up and down throttle what should I do?

Poseidon Neptune says:

thanks this really helped me i never would have been able to fly or charge it with out you

Samuel Cantu says:

Omg I have it but it didn’t come with the charger

noble says:

great job young man! like you said, the instructions are so basic it seemed that they are incomplete. personally I think they were saving ink. I recommend that you should rewrite the instructions and summit them to the manufacture. Again, thanks too you and your Dad, I have my helicopter charged and flying! 

Leo Ryan says:

I watched your review after switching channels because the grown man was too childish, your son is a grown assed man.

esther garcia says:

where did you buy it at

Wheels Holland says:

GREAT job Little Guy! I”m getting ready to buy a Colossus Helicopter I couldn’t find a review for it and this is the closet one I could and I’m glad I did. Thank you very much.

Dawn Harrison says:

Is this song from geometry dash??? Bcuz it sounds like it .

Darth Karnage says:

How do u trim it to go straight

mike8989ful says:

I also had no idea about the blinking light on the remote….thanks bro

Riam Mey says:

I agree!

Cryptic _ Ultron says:

What if its already green when you just started? Like I plugged it in and it was instantly green.

Leo Ryan says:

I am impressed with your son, and it was a wonderful informative review.

Erik740t says:

Lol. Great kid

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