Helicopter size comparison review.. Align Trex, Blade…

Comparing the sizes on Blade Nano Cpx, Blade MCPX, Blade MCPX BL, Blade 130X, Blade 450 3D, Blade 450X, Align Trex 450 L Dominator, Align Trex 550E DFC, Align 700E DFC HV…


Brandon Still says:

I’m loving my 450 L. Just trying to get my skill level back up. I was out for 8 years. I’m trying to progress quickly. Been flying a ncpx. Flipping it good now, so got a 450 L. Once I get comfortable with it, getting a big goblin. I’m excited. Life is good.

Great vid.

Dan Ivanov says:

Why did you say you didn’t like the 3gx system on the blade 450? Do you just not like it completely or just not like it on that specific heli?

Delbert williams says:

Hey bud nice fleet bud I love my 450L man liked

Retro .Spekta says:

Some people say Trex like the dino and others say Trecks like short for Trekker…

Any idea which is correct?

Pierre Delmotte says:

The two biggest helicos trainers now : the Shape S8 ( 800 made in Germany ) and the Velos 880 ( 850 made in America ) .

Acid Shot says:

You miss 800 one 😛

T vb says:

hmmmm you start with the blades…. why not continue… 

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Do you still fly? I am getting the blade 230 as my next investment. I am ready to move up and cannot properly see the smaller helis to fly them. The Blade 230S with a metal swash will be my next step before getting into my Align 450 Pro Trex. I am not ready for that one yet. I can fly the smaller ones, but they are hard to see for me. Way too tiny for outside flying. Nice collection dude!

Appollo says:

Somebody is addicted

Insinity says:

where can I buy the 500esp

TheSarcasmO83 says:

That is one very nice collection.
Thanks for sharing.

Brad Lundstrom Sr says:

Impressive line up!

alice1982ist says:

where is a 250? they are lot of fun. my biggest is a 250DFC from align.

Shottix says:

450 is basically a rip off because its not actually a 450 its. 325

Ivor Zulim says:

So main blade of the smallest is the same size as tail rotor of the biggest 😉 nice video 😉

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