Heli Max UH-60 Blackhawk RC Heli Review and Flight

The Blackhawk RC helicopter has some amazing scale details packed into this micro bird such as having four main rotor blades, sliding side doors, lights, and down to the riveting on the bird itself.

This is also a collective pitch helicopter capable of doing some mild aerobatics such as loops, rolls and inverted hovering. Although the real Blackhawk can’t perform these maneuvers you will have great fun with the 1/43th scale version from Heli-max.

You can purchase the Blackhawk online at Tower Hobbies at the following link.

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Eric Jordon

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иван водопьянов says:

сасите путену мудаки

tjbronx says:

Where can I buy one. Everywhere I go it’s unavailable.

Ralph D says:

Anyone ever tried modifying the tail rotor into a 4 bladed one? 

jerry zito says:

Mr. De’Magician. I was going to ask that question. Thanks. Do I need to install a Spektrum receiver. if that’s possible?

4FunRC says:

Thanks for the video, but this product is way over priced.

JD L says:

This guy is into it. Heck of a pilot.

RakinBill says:

No longer available.

Tracy Farrar says:

rc rules

jok325635 says:

there are way nicer ones out there for a 10th of the cost

Panniless Bum Baek says:

how much is it?, and can you sand it to Korea?

SouthernPrinceKenny says:

$299 is a total rip off…… $150 is more like it……

Mick Jeffcott says:

Great review great little heli I am getting one

AlexSDU says:

Nice to see small RC heli without those ugly coaxle rotor, or what ever they call that thing.

Billyboy says:

Gotta give it to ur camera girl, that things fast and She kept up well!!!

Frank Henderson says:

Sir your music is way too loud.But it seems to be a nice bird.

Khalid bin swidan says:

if I want to buy how much it cost

Shol Castaneda says:

where i can buy?

Delta Whiskey 4 says:

will a Trex 200 4 blade tail rotor head fit on this to make it more realistic?

tony says:

veri cool !!

sheriff2be says:

joe diffie?

duẩn trịnh says:

how much is that ?

Will Reynolds says:

I really liked the way you flew the helicopter. Is it 4 channel or 3? Are you going to be sharing more videos?

Henry14arsenal2007 says:

They got the rotor direction wrong.

joxa FullTV says:

wher am go to buy

ROK DDG991 says:

How much is tath?

MrEugeneviros says:

Loved flying and watching Rc planes, any aircraft I had fun and enjoying it playing them with enthusiasm cheers

doit86 says:

Discontinued 🙁 what’s an equivalent 2015/2016 model?

John Brighton says:

thnk fuck for heli max

MyTube6444 says:

Aw, I wish I had that field

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