GT QS8005 42″ RC Helicopter Flight Test Review

GT QS8005 42″ RC Helicopter Flight Test Review


John Cowperthwaite says:

The 7.4 v are a joke.

traxxluver says:

How much was it? Looking closer it will not fly upside down as it is coaxial

Gta Mod says:

احد يبيع مثل هذه الطائره

RT038 says:

you do no this is the very first model ever made the new model has better led lights longer flight time faster forward and now a 11.1 volt battery not 7 v like the one you bought 

kevin brooks says:

there should be no spring on the throttle gimbal.

kevin brooks says:

o.k,ommiting starts with an o, it’s light emitting diode !

Larry W says:

i bought a 53 inch,big mistake i flew it for about 30 seconds before the roter gears stripped out, the thing is a joke

Chasingwaves says:

not bad man I always wanted to know  how good that  heli flew .. I just  picked up a new heli today since its raining out and have nothing  to do lol  …    nice  video man 

theleabres says:

try to fly it in a gym like the YMCA

steve smith says:


steve smith says:


Noah Quincel says:

he didn’t even trim it

Hicham Garderen says:

great videos

John Fisher says:

LED stands for Light “Omitting” diode. Don’t think so.

Sofiane1993 says:

nice info, thank you

Joe Anthony says:

that is one bad ass helicopter.made for pros. only.  love that fucken junk.

Sua casa sempre VERDE says:

otimo aonde consigo um desse

Tim de Martines says:

60 minutes in an hour

The Insufferable Tool says:

It did not appear that it was trimmed properly on yaw, based on its propensity to yaw in one direction, fighting ya means you are losing lift on a set of blades, thus fighting throttle and you get this YOYO effect. It didn’t seem like you had it trimmed out….or tried.

That would have helped! Though, it is what it is, you gotta give it a chance 🙂

AD_ Covers says:

HARD TO CONTROL apparently

Comedy South says:

3D….uh, no i think not. This is a cheap toy. For what that cost you could nearly get one of the cheap Align 450 clones and be flying a real rc heli

Syed Manzoor Hussain says:

what’s price

Ruben Torres says:

I like it but mine is higher

Chilly says:

how meters is that

Will E. Fisturgash says:

Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a 3.5 channel coaxial PIECE OF SHIT!

heck387 says:

awesome heli dude, looks great for newbies like myself……

Randy Baker says:


Blackpanda702 says:

I need that charger

Mohammed Riswan Rasheed says:

Moheed Raswan Rasheed kp

Starguard ! says:

I bought one of these over a year ago… and its STILL sitting in the box! When will I take time to fly it? Who knows!

Noel Carreon says:

It can’t fly upside-down, never! And next time use the trim, that’s why its there.


I have a smaller one and these are not easy to control…they sure not meant for kids!

Larry W says:

its a pos

Jonathan Contreras says:

me gusta quiero comprar un helicóptero de radio control

Goose&Logan says:

lol this is shit

andrea4809 says:

I bought one of these, and it is literally harder to fly then my 600 alighn. all you can do is basically keep it in the air. I added larger blades to the rear that helped a little. but the controlls are bad practice for flying anything real planes/helis.

josheua king says:

@craig hancock comment had me rolling 

Tim de Martines says:

60 seconds in a minute bro :p

kevin brooks says:

if this was a 2 cell it would barely fly.

Paul101111 says:

How much did u pay for this???

wreek havok says:

That bird went up and down more times  than a new brides panties….

stempo1 says:

L.E.D Light Omitting Diode?

The BBQ Jerk says:

Holy fuck…..what a hunk of Chinese shit. 

31pockets says:

hi, I won a bid on ebay for it and the bid was $80 dollars, I have seen people try and fly them upside down and they always crash, so I didn’t try it, it does not fly good when its windy for sure! I’ve been waiting for a day when I have time and no wind to shoot another video. thanks

trabarious Hogue says:

to make it steady in the sky place it on a flat surface then take it up

THE sTRanger says:

big for nothing

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