Force RC Battle RC Helicopter Review

We review the set of force rc heli’s we purchased this year around christmas time. It’s a great value as it’s basically a Blade MCX2 heli at way less cost but these little electric remote controlled helicopters provided a lot of fun for us. It wasn’t long until the fleet grew from 2, to 4 and beyond so we could battle all our friends.

Here are a few of the positives and negatives about the force rc battle heli’s we found in review format


friendofrc says:

@fraoch337 thanks a lot

Exiled Fishing says:

Fun review guys, well done! lol

friendofrc says:

@alpie3269 it was/is

ajpimpsall says:

what would be the equivalent to these awesome helis?
I’m looking for a good 4 channel battle heli combo.


Ryan Madden says:

these are discontinued

george aronis says:

Awesome. Wish I new a month ago that it was an mcx2. Will they bind to a Spektrum transmiter..I just got my Mqx today and its awesome. Fly’s a bit like an Mcx and an Msrx. Its supper stable at hovering and very responsive in fast flight. Greats vids. Keep up the great work.

Spartan 11011 says:

does it have gyro?

Rob Murphy says:


1999Doeboy says:

I have a mardave marauder mint condition never been run all Erigena parts how much do u think its worth

Johnnyb Kicks says:

Fly it

friendofrc says:

@aronisink1 doh! still a great heli

friendofrc says:

@coolmatt229816 we are not…we don’t live on an airport so nowhere to run it

friendofrc says:

@exile182 thanks

friendofrc says:

Hey Fans of RC-We’ve got several channels and don’t always have time to get back to everyone. We are however ALWAYS in our forum, it’s free and fun. rcnightmareDOTcom/forum

Shakes 73 says:

I had bought 2 of these on a scratch-n-dent sale,had to do a little minor repair work. For what I paid for them these things or freakn fun.

friendofrc says:

@73Shakes awesome fun

friendofrc says:

Hey guys THUMBS up this video to let us know if you want us to do MORE Reviews!

relodedfingerboards says:

@coolmatt229816 are they?

xxgg says:

I hope to see some onroad vehicles. Speed/Racer & Drifters too.
Maybe at spring time?


friendofrc says:

@scarboss49 yes I have 🙂

Jarod Deislinger says:

Jermy have you lost weight? And nice hair LOL

BackyardBasher83 says:

Yes, please do more reviews of all the latest and greatest rc trucks, planes, heli’s, etc…..ohhh, and more running videos! 🙂

alpie3269 says:

wow, two for $100, sounds like a deal!

friendofrc says:

@xxgg perhaps we may…

slashbashin says:

i used to hobby with my helicopters but then i took an arrow to the knee

friendofrc says:

@slashbashin u should still be able to hobby then

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