Flying F*ck RC Helicopter

Flying F*ck RC Helicopter? Fail Toy Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Mike Mozart demonstrates this Remarkable Flying F*ck Toy with is really a Win Toy rather than a Fail Toy! Sophisticated Electronic Remote Control Toy Helicopter is Fun to Fly! The Rechargeable Battery Recharges from the batteries contained within the RC Remote Control Unit. It’s actually called the Flying F*ck RC Helicopter.


Keanu Husted says:

I wish I had that but my mother won’t let me buy it

Sapphire25 says:

ITS A WIN CUS IF SOMEONE JUDGES ME FOR BEING AN MSP HACKER HUNTER I CAN JUST SAY “I don’t give a *flies flying f*ck around room*” get it? So I can say “I DONT GIVE A FLYING F*CK” XDDD

Osama Bin Demetrious says:

Please give me a single flying fuck!!

James Theone says:

WARING:Contians Very hard Language and very funny

MidnightPikachu says:

What the flying f*ck its obviously a flying f*cking win what the flying f*ck is wrong with you?

Phoebe Wan Kenobi says:

Let me guess…this was sold at Spencers

Alexander Gameing says:


Ryan Hale says:

I was bored so I typed “Flying fuck” on YouTube and clicked the first video I saw. Not dissapointed

Toxic Shulker says:

Win but fail

Lelers Meme says:

it’s a win

Keanu Husted says:

I think it’s been for lots of immature kids like me

MilkManMemes says:

thats a win

Sarah & Danny says:


unicorn play says:

the flying fuck

Maria Vest says:

Epic fail because I never say bad words

crapbag420 says:

Guys I want this for christmas

Christopher Connell says:


Sandy Askew says:

send me one please I’ll give you $10

ZPZ says:

I want one

Superstar Candy says:

Flying Rofl or Roflcopter?

My roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi soi

Michael O'Keefe says:

What was the point of censoring the F word, when we can SEE the F word?

Niamhey noodles yeah says:


Ethan S says:


loner1878 says:

Took 6 years, but I finally got one as a gift


Amy love says:

Mom : honey what is that
Me : my flying fuck
Mom : I need to take you to church more

Jessica Pike says:

still good after all this years lol

Alex Puma says:


{富蘭克林脆餅} Franklin Shortcake says:

he dropped an f bomb

Marie Kelley says:

a flying fuck more like a flying damn

Alex Puma says:


pokemon tv on youtube says:

I don’t give a flying fuck


I asked for one of these for my Birthday. Unfortunately not a single flying fuck was given that day.

Thecookiewoody Official says:

It’s a hilarious win

Ethan Lynch says:

win lol

Bobby Dove says:


B&O railroad fan says:

I’d say its a win because i can say to my friends I DONT GICE A FLYING *pulls out f*ck copter* F*UCK

stephanie teschner says:


Giovana Silva says:

is fail

miguel Martin says:

Itsss a win .

Harrison Allen says:


Niksputicus 3942 says:

I don’t give a flying ####

GayPanda says:

i dont give a

Elizabeth Ponder says:

Coming at you from 2017

Nicholas Benzinger says:

Danger Dolan sent me here

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