Check out my beginner’s guide to RC helicopter flight with the Blade 120s from Horizon Hobby. Helis have always been a curiosity of mine, but such a challenge to fly! The 120s is an upgrade from the original 120sr – it now incorporates the SAFE technology with 3 flight modes, stabilization, and a PANIC recovery button!

Full disclosure: I’m a brand ambassador for Horizon Hobby and try out various products they send me but I’m not a paid sponsor. Views are my own!

Blade 120 S RTF:
Blade 120 S BNF:

Spektrum DX6 Transmitter:

Extra 1s Lipos:

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Roger Penndorf says:

what do you do on guitar …had to ask

James Cobb says:

Hey girl I have over 10 RC Helis and love them. Love your videos. There as sweet looking as you are. Love this hobby very much along with a few drones I have and two more on the way. MUSIC is my passion as a Drummer. Put these together and nothing but the best. Thank you for what you do. Im a Subcriber now. Hope to keep intouch. Awesome stuff here thank you

Get Sideways says:

Charming 🙂 If you don’t mind simulators and have finally caught the helicopter bug, why not try full-sized helicopter simulators? Probably the best one out there is the UH-1H module for DCS. You’ll need a joystick (preferably a HOTAS with pedals) for that, but in my opinion it’s so much worth the trouble.

Rancis Banta says:

I love my UMX Timber its sooooo dope!

Did3D says:

you never pilot something

Arthur Chapman says:

My personal experience with this chopper was less than stellar. It’s WAY under powered for its weight, and compared to my mSR (which has over 800 flights) this one was not built to the same standards. Its great for hovering indoors, but if you try to getting going forwards at all, it will drop like a rock and just doesn’t have the umpfff to right itself. It really would have been better as a brushless. Anyway, just my 2 cents – I would save up and go for the first brushless in the line up – the 130 S or go the opposite and get a 70 S that is much lighter and can get by with the brushed technology. The 120 is just a bit to big for that brushed motor. I really wish they still made the mSR – best chopper ever for beginners and mild outdoor fun.

Merl Avery says:

Nice channel Rc girl .can’t wait to see you pick up a CP heli .Good work ,keep it going.

Zikatus says:

how old is she ? does she work for HH ?

Douglas Booth says:

as a rule stay
30 feet back from helicopter hover tail back at first until your comfortable with that particular orientation dont rush or your heli will become a dangerous money pi,t

GP Outdoors says:

Good morning – just found your channel. Good call on the 120 for a first heli! Another nice thing about it is that you can crash it 100 times and do little or no damage to it and if you do break the skids or links, they are inexpensive to replace versus a more expensive Align or other model. Would also suggest that once someone gets the hang of some simple flight patterns, they should definitely go much bigger. Believe it or not, the larger hell’s (500 /550 etc) are easier to fly than the little ones, they are not as susceptible to the wind (they weigh more and have more power) and the bigger ones also come with some good stabilization built in nowadays. Thanks for the vid – enjoyed it!! Cheers!

DANIEL Giles says:

That’s great

patrick huysmans says:

Nice video… btw lovely feet

The Rc Hunter says:

Awesome unboxing so difficult to fly are heli’s ,they is a video up on my channel trying to fly one lol

krsFPV says:

Do you fly FPV quads too?

Trolly says:

I love reading the comments on your videos, dudes are falling over hard. It seems that a girl that’s into rc is the most attractive thing to men ever.

RC Nation says:

I gave this heli away for free cause if the wind is above 1mph it seems, it will blow that heli all over the place.

Zec Sabbath says:

brinquedo ……..

Norman Blake says:

I bought this RC helicopter recently the high ratings and reviews convinced me and I am really satisfied.

The Life of John Ness says:

cool vid! Go over to my channel and check out my unboxing and flight of my blade 230 S V2. I just put it up.

Frank R. Pilot says:

Helicopters coming with a lot of small parts and screws, with a lot of vibration it’s easy for those to loose or fall of, that’s why I don’t like it now, I hada bunch of helicopters from horizon, a lot of wasted money in parts. Good luck if you want to try it.

Zane Hope FZ6 Hundred says:

Damn. Nice to see more girls in the rc lobby.amazing video.

Humberto Cortes says:

Hi…. Congratulations…. Is wonderfull see a fly adict female… You put passion on your video. Personall im dron fan… Racer specific. See the Onigiri videos… May be you fall in love with this paralell hobby…. Nice video… And over all nice and kind RC GIRL!!!

bogey19018 says:

Not worth the money, I had two.

maxsettings says:

nice i use to have the chinese nock off version of this i got it off bang good i think it was called v922

351 Ranger says:

Oh and to all the cheese puffs posting comments you may need to back away from YouTube, phone, PC, tablet and put the Radio Controller away… Come out of the empty soda can filled dirty room of yours, take your filthy self a shower and open your mom’s front door, take a deep breath and take one small step outside, look around, Then come back in, clean your mother’s room and move your butt out and get a job and you can do this in whatever order you choose…. Then and only then, get your phone back out turn on YouTube and search for “Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy” but not until then because currently you are not.

RitualREDRUM says:

You look a lot like my wifes long lost twin.

351 Ranger says:

The Blade 450x is an older heli you may like it allot…Turn everything down setup a mid throttle and give yourself some expo on your first few flights it is great first helicopter… Try Collective pitch you may just toss the smaller helis as they do not fly very well at all.

Libin Chandran says:

Too much wind !!

anus finger says:

all the nerd turds getting all excited because its a girl. pathetic.

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