Flite Test – Heli-Max BLACK HAWK – REVIEW

Flite Test viewers can download a free audio book here: http://www.audible.com/flitetest

The Heli-Max BLACK HAWK is a highly detailed 1/43 scale R/C brushless aerobatic helicopter that we review and compare to the Heli-Max EUROCOPTER.

Learn more about this helicopter here:

Check out the Heli-Max AXE 100 CP:

More Flite Test here:


John Kennedyk says:

has anyone tried to put a speaker on a quad so the piolit can talk to who he just almost hit.

Kim Robles says:

so great 😀

LPmitAnTi says:

where can i buy this

DragonTooth says:

Name is Black Hawk, it’s painted green… Good Job

btw I like the vid

박태현 says:


Xtrocrew Cruz Hd Axel says:

Por favor as un helicóptero de control remoto porque solo ases aviones de control y helicópteros no like para que lo vea?

Wind Ryu says:

I have a question FliteTest, I see in this episode you mentioned also reviewing the Heli-Max EC145 EUROCOPTER and was wondering where is the episode posted. I cannot seem to find it anywhere and I was really looking forward to watching it in flight.

Ryder Streeter says:

the helicopter probably only costs 50 bucks to build

Sierra_bravo says:

So if you crash it it’ll be a black hawk down.

James Brooks says:

Very sincere on how you guys place in advertisements. I don’t mind it.

Superfurness1 says:

Just don’t fly it over Mogadishu

Mr Fathead says:

Link to buy it? Its fucking awesome

karn v creativity says:

hello bro ,can u give me someone contact no in chandigarh,india ,as im verymuch intreasted in dis sport and i reaily want to make flighttest griup in india, plz contact ot text me on email- vermakarann09@gmail.com

volvo245 says:

Good filmmaker would make this work in a kino. Just record it 120fps and find the replay speed that looks best and use angles that make it look bigger.

Rc freak says:

Do a vid on the Syma chinook please

Hënkel Froelich says:

Say Blackhawk really fast

Fugital357 says:

$350 for a helicopter that offers sub-par performance? I can buy a Ruger 10/22 for less than that, and the 10/22 offers a whole new hobby. For that money, I would have liked to see a detailed interior. Better yet, I’d but this if it cost about $150 less.

endwood says:

These guys are nuts, but funny & down to earth:-)

jojorm12 says:

If it has VTOL I can fly it if does not say rip to plane/drone

alexander heron the inventor says:

can i ask,whats so diffrent about flying a hobby grade and a toy grade i cant tell the diffrence

Garrett Mahoney says:

you should try and make one of the thunderbirds 1 2 or 3 from the movie.

Ricardo Acosta says:

so cool

alexander boulland says:

A U D I O   B O O K S !  !  ! !

MJDP JRC says:

gice just 1 rc please. 🙂

Ralph D says:

I have the same helicopter, and i am wondering if would it be possible to change the shaft driven to a direct drive brushless motor?

thejudgemeister says:

I have bought a couple of the smaller helicopters. How in the world do you control the smaller ones outside when there is a breeze?

Tyler 3518 says:


David Turner says:

How much do the cost ?

Joe-Mar Gonzales says:

did someone slap the hell out of that guy? His cheeks are so red

Francesco Malingri says:

I’ve a question for you flite test: i’ve just bought the phoenix 2000 glider from hobby king. Could you please make a video with that glider, and see if really its good not??

Minh Vu says:

if you guys put the scorpions gunship here, it’s will look the same as Avatar

jac sparrow says:


Mark Ryan says:

So I’m actually binge watching Flite Test….

Asperix x says:


jonas martin says:

Do you have a recommendation for a beginner heli polit

Sabat Zaidi says:

how can I get that…

Black Sheep says:

I can’t believe that it is 300$$$

Joe N. says:

What a gorgeous Black Hawk RC! And the Eurocopter seems quite nice, as well.

BADM.3 says:


Michael Smitten says:

Why’re these not sold in UK? Any one know? Cheers

Dillon Cole says:

Whats in the audio book?

Peter Ellison says:

Someone could easily mistake the shot of the RC Blackhawk for a full scale

random269 says:

Guys try landing in dust, I think those wing tips will clear out a hole for the copter.
300 a bit much.

illBeets says:

wow haha it sounds exactly like a black hawk but with no blade wop.

weird science says:

That’s so cool

Its Husky says:

You should make a shout film

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