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This was a random idea when we were walking through Target the other day. Ryden had a blast playing with it! It was definitely fun but I simply loved watching him so happy with it. I hope you guys dug it! More videos coming so stay tuned!


julie mawite says:

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Dude Perfect Jr says:

I have one of those but it’s blue and my mom got it at Walmart

Liverpool are the best says:

I love your videeoas

Vinson Xiong says:

Put a Lego person on their

Jack van Dongen says:

Why do you buy one but can’t fly

Ethan Moreno says:


Cem Erdogan says:


Jaylin palma says:

every body whach funnlvison

Jacob Rowberry says:

Please can I have it TR48EB

Tara Hapke says:

Awesome and the world of the

bryan deleon says:

I had one of those but then one it just broke not of crashing but of flying

eszter csonka says:


Laura Murgatroyd says:

hi Andy

Janice Nash says:

that’s very Cool

صالح علي says:


Luiz Quintanilha says:

This boy’s room is bigger than my house.

Fikir Adane says:


Maria Duran says:

We have the same thing

Michael panda says:

love his socks

Kristian Petrov says:


Shelley Lovsin says:


Ashley Skinner says:

That drives crazy

Easton Whitbeck says:

Best videos ever by the way get me one of those play please I really want to go and continue the best videos ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever good videos ever so good

Manpreet kaur says:

is it 6 ch? wow.

Jenna Morgan says:


Hissy Gamer says:


caleb johns says:


Ahalam Salim says:

It is so cute to see a father so living to his son I luv u ryden

Raine Cotton says:

I just want you to know that I’m your biggest fan and love your videos. Easton

Walker Jackson says:

Ryden is not named this guy

the prankster says:

I had that helicopter before

Yoosuf Naim says:

you look like hugh jackman

Eudes Diaz says:


Dinara Shakirova says:

why your dad does not read the insgrushs and you what know how to play it

Cool boy1234 says:

I have one

Danielle Hubbard says:

Sim that helicopter to me it looks really cool

Eman Lignes says:

Can I have it pls.

B Heider says:

I have one of those

eszter csonka says:

miiaan .

Vasco Radan says:

Part 2 plz

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