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Five years ago, we had the original V911 helicopter on our channel. Wow! That seems like just yesterday. We were so excited to see the new version of that heli the WLtoys V911s. We have full expectations that it will be awesome. Lets find out!

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Danny Evans says:

Love the Wltoys products for the $$$ can’t beat em…

David Rivero says:

Update & what a nice flyer, guys. This 6axis gyro & no flybar makes it faster & more forgiving than the regular v911. So far no probs.with tx ( sorry about your ), and would you know if the v977 tx would bind with it. ? says:

The WL Toys V911S appears to be the same as the V988; it uses the EXACT same motor and battery.
I recently purchased a V988, which flew Excellent for 3 days, then the motor would overheat and quickly descend to the ground (but more slowly than yours).  I also purchased 2 V988 helicopters, which use the same motor.  One was defective on arrival (I later found out it was a bad motor), the other  one flew Excellent for several weeks (with lots of use) then the motor also overheated and slowly descended. It appears that WL Toys makes Excellent helicopters but has quality issues with their brushed motors.

james46911 says:

Definitely weird. I love helicopters as well, but would definitely give pause before buying. Still love your guts honesty. Haven’t made a comment for a long time but still a loyal watcher! Still loving and having a great time with my Cheerson Cheer! Hope your both doing great!

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

From your 5 years ago I was bitten Mainly Helicopters for me. But out of 12 or so Mainly WL Toys Few Syma and others. That WL Toys ease of learning a little more forgiving and Price parts easily accessible . YES I want a T-Rex/Clone of a little steep for me. I am still flying and happy until then. I have had similar issues They worked out.. what was it? I see I am not the only befuddled one. Has it happened again No. For $40 still fine copter to run.

cooga 08 says:

You guys talk way to much about crap no one gives a toss about the dog

Leo Xu says:

Nice review
Flybar helis suck outside because the flybar will get blown around which results in non optimal control and worse

Keith Whisman says:

I’m thinking you got glitchy heli, I saw another review where the reviewer Ali couldn’t kill it even throwing the box at it while hovering. Is V911S a fixed pitch bird or can she do some aerobatics?

sawajiri100 says:

Its a vortex created by it’s own blade causing stalls on high rate. The servo too much sensitive in your input. Rate one is enough.

Yes It's Me says:

No god damn way that’s a beginner heli. That thing is tiny, the smaller the harder control. 90% of these drone pilots wouldn’t last 30 seconds with a real RC Heli.

Ready to Run RC says:

That’s a pretty impressive heli for just under $40. I saw another review where they flew it with no cutting out issues and also that hover button did absolutely nothing as well. Great review as always!

michael baney says:

I wonder if it got interference from the security cam. It fell both times near the security camera. Great video!

White Trash Bandit270 says:

Remember them Airhogs helicopters?? I musta bought 20 of them things!

Parabuteo says:

Looks a lot like the xk k110 (I forget what that itself was based on) but fixed pitch. I’m tempted to pick this up to fly indoors but not sure.

DeadlyDiddly says:

Looks like a really old Tx design, I had one like that on a JXD quad maybe 3 years ago, and everyone dismantled and modded it because the antenna was invariably tucked in and gave the model poor range. Maybe that was the problem?

White Trash Bandit270 says:

Sometimes sun rays can mess with transmissions.

Duane Dalton says:

I’d love to have that! I think my neighbor and I could have a blast with these and not worry about mishaps….

Bruce Laporte says:

Mine never had that problem and does fly good/wonder why it happened

Mike Upton says:

Popeye carbed up on the french fry. I had a tiny Blade like this. Being a bachelor, decided to start my hover training in the living room……….

CalvaryCustoms says:

I’d personally lean towards the Blade 70s you reviewed last month. It may cost at least twice as much as this WLToys version, but it comes from a much more reputable company, has SAFE flight stabilization, and can be delivered within days, rather than the WEEKS it takes for most WLToys packages!

Cameron Klein says:

It’s a cp helicopter… you can fly upside down after 50 percent throttle it gives upward thrust

NobodyWhatsoever says:

You’re right! It’s heli fast!

John Poen says:

Good morning Saylors! I have heard that chain link fencing can act like an antenna for different frequencies & have even heard that it can act like a RF “sponge” and cause problems. I noticed that the heli dropped out both times while flying close to the fence, but seemed to fly well when it was further away from the fence. You may want to test this theory in a fenceless area, my friends! Another honest & great review! Take great care! JP

Mary Mayfield says:

Thank you for your review.much appreciated. Hey popeye

CRIPz 1 says:

I love RC helicopters

Alex Legg says:

Hey Saylors, want to check out my FPV Opterra 2m? I’ve been piecing it together for a while and Im finally an AMA member. I’m in WV and I’m planning to maiden it in Ona.

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