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Buy it here: https://goo.gl/w8f5oC
The Blade 70 S has got to be the most beginner friendly, yet advanced RC helicopter we’ve seen for well under $100. It comes completely RTF (Ready To Fly) and equipped with SAFE technology which has proved time and again to help both new, and advanced pilots keep their crafts in the air. This is a micro helicopter, so as Nate mentions in this video, it’s best to fly it with little to no wind, or an indoor location if possible. Maybe you’re a drone person, wanting to broaden your horizons, or you’re just now getting into RC itself. Either way, this set up is about as easy as it gets as far as Helicopters go, and for the price, we give it two thumbs up! Let us know what you think in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/w8f5oC

Intro and Outro Animation – http://www.codysaylor.com

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Matthew Jarman says:

Fly’s really well outside

Caidan White says:

That may be my next heli, I needed a new micro!

Matthew Jarman says:

I just looked on ur description and seys they do not ship to the united kingdom where I’m from seys other sellers may have it in

Matthew Jarman says:

Love the look of it very cool

DJ Broake says:

Nice vid guys,

Peter Bleil says:

Yes I have this amazing little heli it’s awesome the only thing …. The the cab is a little fiddley to get on & off but other than that it’s great btw happy birthday nate from down under Aus

twrecks116 says:

Always Great Videos from You 2!!

Matthew Jarman says:

Fly’s really cool in door niiiiccceee

Felix Ross says:

The remo Smaxx 1630 can that engine be upgraded for a faster speed aswell all part modified to safely handle a upgrade for speed???

Matthew Jarman says:

Very cool outside flite

Matthew Jarman says:

Awesome helicopter

Matthew Jarman says:

2.4 gig cool

Grinders & Twisties says:

Flying in the club house. Good rainy day flyer

Matthew Jarman says:

This I love

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

The smaller helis are like the smaller drones, without safe and a gyro, it would be impossible to fly except for those with so much experience. The smaller ones are great for inside use also. Blade makes the best helicopters for the price. I do know there are a couple other brands but also know their prices are much higher. I have the Blade 230sv 2 and can say its the best intermediate / advanced flyer. Some have said beginner but I wouldnt recommend it. Blade helicopters can also take parts from aftermarket suppliers and the sky is the limit as far a price and parts . If money is no object, you can go with carbon fiber body panels, aluminum swash and running gear, carbon fiber boom and a whole plathora of parts. Keep in mind, some of these parts may change CG or flying characteristics. Also battery life and fly time. There are many decent forums for whatever you fly. I would suggest joining one or two. You would be suprised at the info you can get from these forums.

collin ridle says:

How does this compare to the blade mcx2? I’m very comfortable with my mcx2 and my dji spark but I have 0 experience with helicopters

Mike Upton says:

Hmmm indoor flight very cool.
Korean Air vertical stabilizer on wall in background…..hmmm
Reminds me of Ramy’s planes.

fury210 says:

I like the little pregnant stick figure!

Matthew Jarman says:

But it looks really cool helicopter love it

Clint David says:

Guys I can’t think of a single reason why they don’t want to subscribe to
(Thercsaylors) your videos are always great very good at explaining and
Always tell the truth I just wanna say thank you for the good video

Paul Gugliotti says:

How much more agile and faster is this vs coaxial?

Ground Control RC says:

Looks like a nice stable micro heli. Huey’s were Vietnam era not WWII era. I’ve had a ton of Huey flights and I’m not that old 😉 Thanks for the review and Happy Flying!

Arc Turus says:

its a esky 150 v2 which is 10 pound cheaper so blade just robin u ,lol.

David Davids says:

thanks for posting. here are a few thoughts. (i fly the very old blade 120sr. it has a flybar, no ‘stabilization’ and weighs less than the 120s. i have tried, and hated, the 120s.) i would appreciate seeing this heli do some ‘quality’ flying, Somewhere spacious enough (outdoors or in a gym.) i will be waiting to see if this heli has the same enjoyment-impeding issues as the blade 120s. such as: fbl and stabilization tech Significantly increasing auw; which, in turn, affects flight times. Heavier main rotor blades; which affect flight times and contribute to the model having a screwy dom. stabilization is Always On; for an experienced pilot, this Sucks; an experienced pilot can easily end up ‘fighting’ it, and losing (his investment). as a result of the screwy paradigm driving the design of ALL cp helis, i cannot Enjoy flying a cp heli without added stabilization. where stabilization cannot be disabled, again, an experienced pilot can end up ‘fighting’ it, unsuccessfully. cheers googletranslate

Steve Stokes says:

Looks good. I have several Blade products and really like them, with the exception of the SR. It was my first collective pitch heli and was a disaster. It was un-flyable. Pretty much just scrapped it for parts. Scout, MSR & 180 QX, all great fliers. Happy Birthday Nate!

Rick McDole says:

Nate, is the connector MCP or micro Losi?

Matthew Jarman says:

Cool transmitter

Anindya Kundu says:

Is that collective pitch?? The other one looks cooler. Best of luck with the mustache .

Sarge Monday says:

Another battery tip………Let it cool down at least five minutes before recharging. :^)

Jim Pierce says:

Was the canopy hard to get off then back on l heard it was

John Poen says:

Good afternoon, Saylors! 😉 It’s still morning, here. Lol Great video review of this little heli w/ Safe Technology! I may just pull the trigger on this! Also, your instructions on controlling a heli was fantastic! I liked, also, your revisiting the “don’t drain your battery,” issue. It reminded me of your 2 videos of charging batteries safely and ways to prolong battery life and other great tips, a few months ago. So, super job of packing in all of this great information with this exceptional review! Take great care! JP

sw10mm says:

Looks very similar to the ghost fp for about the same price.

Aleister Midnight says:

when is she gonna show us her Lil tits?

Kevin says:

dude…..these are made for your house/living room,and is made to crash.

Matthew Jarman says:

Nice take off

Matthew Jarman says:

Very cool

Umbra Jord says:

I really should give one of these a try… Also, I’m really glad that you mentioned the battery tip at the end. sacrificing a few seconds of flight time to save the battery will reward you with HUNDREDS MORE flights in the future instead of just a few flights if you sapped the battery empty.

also, don’t leave it charged 😀 charge it and fly it just till the light starts blinking. at that point you can store it (that’s just a quick tip though, if you dont have a charger with storage charge mode)

Matthew Jarman says:

Really cool flyer

3dent says:

very neat looking heli 🙂 Anyway, as someone who knows next to nothing about RC helicopters… What the flybar does exactly? Is it there just as a dummy prop to counteract the torque, or does it do something else?

Google proved to be unhelpful, as all it gives is a lot of info on pogo sticks. 😀

Bekup Fahim Pip says:


Lee Marshall says:

Thanks guys for doing a heli video from HH. Since do planes from HH wondered if the heli’s are better then the toy grade stuff. Might have to get one now.

Jason Saez says:

I’ve always thought a helicoptor would be fun, but that was before I knew about Quadcoptor/drones! Love this hobby!!!

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