Esky – 150X Mini Helicopter – Review and Flight

Links to purchase: – RTF ($55) – – RTF ($70) –

This little helicopter has 4ch control, a flybarless single rotor, and 6-axis stabilization.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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TheJuniorDroneDummies says:

Nice one Ryan!

Purple Pieter says:

Cool and pretty cheep

4thGloryMonday says:

Nice landing man

Nirvan Bhoyroo says:

Hey Ryan
Do you think I should use my alias drone as an fpv flier or should I get an inductrix and convert it into a tiny whoop?

Areld Rhino says:

Esky The lagend..

zedman says:

hi Flyin Ryan,
I was wondering if you have received the new Cheerson CX60 fighting quad? I saw listing on Gearbest but no release date. Can’t wait for your review when and if you get them.
Thanks from a fan.

felixthemaster1 says:

E sky is still around?

Quad flying Mav says:

That is really cool.. Don’t think I have ever seen a small single rotor for that price fly that smooth. Sure beats most small indoor helicopters I have seen. Good one!!

TAKESHI 4295 says:

I like the fish you should make an review of it lol

asha s kumar says:

can u please take on the flyers bay justice series Warcraft police helicopter

shoaib tech says:

I love this copter

Dennis S says:

Looks like a good indoor toy, the battery location spoils it

John C Gibson says:

Thumbs up. Is this one more precise than the Blade Nano CP S? I watched your other video with the Blade Nano CP S, which you had yet to “train” yourself to control the yaw.

LTECNIC, Drones en español says:

great video like friend

Le67zaney o says:

I just got one and when it arrived I plugged the battery in and the blades started to spin but then I smelled something like pvc cement and the battery was smoking and I took the battery out and looked at the bottom of the helicopter and there was a melted section of plastic when I plugged it in it should not have started spinning what do you recommend I do?

Carbonite Gamorrean says:

“Wind bug” well that explains what happen to my first chopper.

8 awesome Kids says:

Looks just like a Syma f3

Jasper Laurente says:

awesome heli 🙂 i have V911-pro but i like this one , 🙂 the ESKY-150X is cool i like to have one but for some reason lazada PHilippines do not have this heli 🙁 how do i buy this heli i like to have one

Jason Van Halen says:

Man that’s cool. A tiny CP heli that is stable enough to fly indoors. I’ve been out of the hobby for a while and there was nothing like this from what I remember.

Thrashaero says:

fixed pitch helis are bad in wind in general.

John Wedrall says:

what perfect timing Ryan. I’ve been feeling for a easy flying indoor helicopter. this may be it ! many thanks for all of your honest and thorough reviews ! ::)


Hi, Ryan, nice and better 150 with the CC3D, I think. 🙂

machine gun Kelly awesome says:

I sub for you ok do more rc car video

Ashish Amatya says:

i remember u reviewing esky f150

Alan Savage says:

Great review / flight Ryan!!

aidan c. says:

I think my syma x13 has that accelerometer problem… that explains why it freaks out whenever I’m outside.

Frequent Flyer RC says:

Seems really nice! Cool review Ryan!


can u do me a favour ,can u find it for me in not in .com

chris_ceee says:

Nice review!

ACES on the Go says:

Never had a Helicopter before, only quads but i like this one. good review

Jasper Laurente says:

we have this on lazada PH but idont know if RTF or BNF

26969 80 says:

can you say hi to me Ryan? =) =) =) =) =) =) =) please

Nerfing Time says:

Great review can u do a review on the mini Orion live feed drone plz might buy it and I want to know if it’s legitimate plz

CmdrJace says:

What would you rate this heli out of 10?

Lawrence marshall says:

Pretty cool

Ismael Gil says:

I love your videos

harrison carr says:

Hi! Cool little heli

lego master pl says:

can you make review of lego 42030 rc volvo wheel loader

Tan Jing Zhi says:

I am just a starter at flying rc planes and helicopters and quads what rc should I buy

Lance H says:

nice landing very cool

Tobi Lang says:

super Heli!

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