Dynam E-Razor 250 Pro 6ch Rc Helicopter Review available in 2.4ghz

http://www.xheli.com/newe250me3db.html –


Shailen Parmar says:

dont even buy this, the trex 250 3g is worth the price. not to mention brilliant performance


i agree with x helicopter ….but just 1 thing dont buy 2 ch heli cuz it cant go front and backwards but i first started with 3 ch then c.5ch then 4ch and finally 6ch

Aidengamingvlogs says:

Align helis are overpriced but they are made for extreme 3d flying, this heli is not!

s?????? says:

does it stay charged for long ?

n33oh says:

@nostdim yea but there’s lots of good info still. let’s see you do a video and see how gay you sound. unless you’re a semi-pro tv personality, most ppl will say “um” or whatever a lot.

but it’s pretty easy to get better at doing videos, most causes of repetition are due to poor video planning. ppl don’t plan what they are gonna talk about and run into the “ums” or “you guys”

so yea i’m not gonna criticize this guy’s lack of presentation skills, it’s obviously amateurish, like 90% of the

Ronald Johnson says:

We’ve decided we like you. Keep flying and making friendly videos!

Gijs Nat says:

dude look on the sit and scroll to the end, you see it comes with a transmitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julio Vega says:

This messages goes to the people behind this nice product. Would you please email me a phone number where I can call for support about this helicopter. I can’t get thru the web page. Thanks. cesarvega_531@yahoo.com

xhelicopter says:

Sorry the stock transmitter cannot be used as the controller for a flight simulator.

Jack7296 says:

what is better the eraor 250 or 450?????

oXiDe321 says:

@foetwinny Sounds like someone bought a Trex….

soulkiss31 says:


I’m excited for you! : )

Let us know how it goes!!!

ZuBaiR AHMED says:

i buy 4 wing helicopter . but that was not like this this is so beautiful flying . is this kind of helicopter available in UAE . i want to buy

bergi85 says:

You have a Dynam E-Razor 250 Pro on your site for $165.95, but you also have what looks to be the same heli for less and its called the New!! 2.4Ghz Dynam E-Razor 250 Pro Ready-to-Fly w/ CNC Upgraded Rotor Head, Brushless Motor+ESC, LiPo Battery and its $159.00. Can you tell me the differences between these. I read the description and they are identical. Both are using brushless motors and everything is the same.

Julio Vega says:

@ phattacorider, if you never flown this type of heli I’ll suggest you to start with at least a 4 channel one. This is a six channel and if you don’t have the experience with this type you will be buying a lot if replacement parts before you can get it to fly like in this video. Best of wishes and happy flying

IrreversibleBH says:

@geolopez914 Thats like saying a Mercedes is the same thing as a Honda rofl.

xhelicopter says:

I don’t recommend this helicopter for beginners, this is more suited for advance pilots.

ipadize says:

0:26 penis servo arms???

Giovanni Lopez says:

yea go spend $400 fuckin dollars on a align heli with no controller. yea rite!! with all rtf kits it just needs some tweaks here and there, And im sure this heli can fly just as good as a stupid t-rex!!! you know what you realy pay for when you buy a t-rex? you pay for the stupid align logo on your heli….Wow is that a t-rex?….. big fuckin deal!!!

Jayden M says:


Kevys Rc & Music says:

@geolopez914 iam still new to this hobby but iam a machinist and i can tell you for a fact you get what you pay for , align has great parts and after market upgrades can we say the same of other brands like clones of the trex etc, or even some other brand names. blade vs walkera for example i perfer the walkera over the blade, i prefer the trex over the blade and the walkera but the all have good and bad points even in the hi end stuff.

Wensen Yap says:

how much is these

James Rodgers says:

Hey man ‘ really like those helis ‘ how much did u pay for the smaller ! ? I have had a few cheapose ‘ but the worst 1 was 1 I bought from wally world & Its a good thing I paid the extra 5.00 $ for a 2 yr warrenty . The heli was only about 50.00 $ ‘ wich only lasted about 6 months & that was the 1st 1 . I was flyin it 1 day with almost no wind & all of the sudden the wind picked up & As Im standing in the street in front of my house it lost all power & dropped That might have been ok ‘ but some STUPID LADY in a van just came through the intersection & ran it over !! & I was standing not 1 foot away from her trying to get her to stop ‘ but hell no . What really pissed me off is there is a whole field & gravel parking lot across the street from my house . Sorry about the spelling ‘, Im fairly new to this computer thing & I am NO TYPIST later man

pifipafi says:

From 3:14 he looks like Jet Lee

Giovanni Lopez says:

Ahhh fuck the kids!!!

xFORSAK3N1x says:

Can’t call these guys. Goes straight to busy signal, what’s up with that?

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