BlueRay 450 PE 3D Brushless RC Helicopter Flight Review

Check out the Blueray 450 Here:

The BlueRay 450PE a fully loaded version 2.4GHz PREMIUM EDITION CCPM 3D RC helicopter, 100% built, Ready-to-Fly! Light and fast, this new machine from Exceed RC has everything you ever wanted. The BlueRay 450 Premium Edition Helicopter is an advanced rc helicopter designed with the most updated current technology available and produced with the highest quality CNC machining. While most parts are compatible with the world’s most popular 450 size electric helicopter such as the T-REX450, the BlueRay450 PE is designed with the best features available while eliminating all the weak points from the current T-REX SE. All the hardware is high A-Grade with all hex screws supplied and high quality Germany-imported bearings.

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Mohammad Nadjafi says:

4:45 yup savety first i think thats what tony said at the beginning of the vid :p

Jack7296 says:

@daplaneflyer How because i have a 4 channel coaxial bigger that this and it does

Justin Murray says:

Crazy How far this hobby has come in 4 years.

notasixpack says:

Ah my first ccpm helicopter.. good memories

Walter Gramer says:

LOVE the 3m tape! i’v been using it on my sc10 4×4 truck, and it is amazing!!!
i’m just glad someone ells knows about it!

Metaxas360 says:

would there be a 3D video also ?
thx !

ricky hus says:

it is $105-120, too mutch

Drone proz says:

@Blueray450 yup that one 🙂

Blueray450 says:

3M Indoor/outdoor tape eh? Gray with red plastic release film. That stuff sticks awesome!

Imperadorio says:

You probably shouldn’t fly below electric wires. Is not safe !

Jack7296 says:

would it get blown away in the wind

anthony p. says:

they do. i built my first 6 channel from the frame up. it’s better to do this because you’ll know how to replace damaged parts or just for maintance. also, you’ll know the quality of parts that you’re buying.

motokid032 says:

I wish they would make a kit!

amir shaheen says:

rc helicopter 450 3d good

marcin97 says:

how long is the flying time? does it come with a charger as well (I hope so)?

AG Caraso says:

hey ali.. is it normal if the lipo charger is making a high pitched sound??? while charging?

motokid032 says:

Exceed Blueray has a kit? If so can you show me the link?

frankie122 says:

where is a good place to find a scale fus. for this heli

Blueray450 says:

3M Indoor/outdoor tape eh? Gray with red plastic release film

Marcus Quintilian says:


420choky says:

excellent heli for fpv ..

jauchiu says:

Nice heli!

thistownfails says:

how high can they go?

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