Avatar Z008 4 Channel RC Helicopter Review

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Flight time 5 or 6 minutes, charge time 20 minutes from USB charger or 45 minutes from the transmitter. Very stable and fast, looks great, mostly metal frame.
It has fans on either side that control left right roll, a fan on the rear that controls forward reverse motion, and coaxial rotors that keep it stable and control yaw, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s very precise, but it is mode 4, meaning throttle and roll are on the left stick and spin and forward reverse are on the right stick, if you’ve been flying mode 2 for a long time it’ll take a little getting used to, but if you’ve only flown 3 channel helicopters it wont be any different then the controls your used to.


Siberius Wolf says:

Thanks for the mode knowledge, interesting stuff.. Seems mode 4 makes more sense.. because then it’s like a 3 channel helicopter and you can fly around just using the right stick and the left one only needs to accelerate.. easy.. then you can do some sideways action if you want.. but you don’t have to use both sticks for directions then since pointing the right way is more used than going sideways.. you can’t fly mode 2 version with just one hand (ignoring acceleration). Seems much better.. (of course you can get used to other methods and find them easier because of that.. but if you started out on 3 channel, the mode 4 would be better, plus it’s just objectively more sense making and intuitive).

Finance Issue says:

I bought this for my son and he simply loves it. Also, its of good quality, greater battery and got a good value discount on it. click here to know more http://amzn.to/2oeeyMo

Joshua Hanning says:

Sorry dude but you got ripped off if you got it for 40$

King's says:

Kevin Bacon!!

Mst. Tarh Tutu says:

whats the flying time..??

Herminio ramos sanchez says:

si tienes las instrucciones en español te agradeceria me las pasaras amigo RC 101

raghav maheshwari says:

pls tell me any model of the flyers bay company and pls reply fast
and ill be trying to make more subscribers of yours

James Wickersnnvv says:

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome were did you get that wonderful thing

Ksa Ksa says:


RC 304 says:

what’s your name?

bruce bender says:

I have this helio and the top rotors are not turning. I think I may have lost a gear. I see the back motor shaft from the rear and no gear on it.Is there a picture or schematic of the helicopter?  it be very helpful.TXBig Red

Tanusree Debnath says:

I have 12 4 ch copters

RC 304 says:

can we control lights from the transmitter?

raghav maheshwari says:

pls answer fast need to buy

Josh Torres says:

he looks like an ass : T

Bolu Ademola says:

how many flight time does it have

Onasis Gorontalo says:

helikopter bagi

Ashish Singh says:


LightRockFishing Valladares says:

what is it made of? metal?

raghav maheshwari says:

which company does it belong to and how much it costs…?

Jeandre Piedrahita0601 says:

yo can set it on a pc or computer end jt takes abaut 55 min. to charge

dylan calder says:

mine dosent even take off ????

John Kennedyk says:

LMAO man you think a lot of your self don’t you. I’m unsubscribing.

KarolinasKrafts says:

Really liked your video! <3


Sam Ranger says:


Black Game says:


حسن اياد says:

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RC 304 says:

Avatar gunship is better to buy or this one

محمدثاءر العبيدي says:

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RC 304 says:

RC 101 this chopper is better to buy or avatar gun ship

Abu Ziyad says:


Muilisx says:

So since you didn’t respond to me today I just ordered both 😛

Soumyadeb Dey says:

Can I fly it outdoor also? Please reply.


how many colours does it come in?

AceofAxe says:

I’m a complete noob at RC Flight. Will be checking out a lot more of your vids! Thanks! Subscribed!

Muilisx says:

If you only could pick one which one would you pick? The Pocket Drone or the D1 Drone. I’m sitting here with both webpages open but don’t know which one to order. I want both but can only order one right now but don’t know which one to get. The pocket drone comes with all the spare parts and is 2 dollars cheaper but the D1 you said flies better, etc etc so I’m not sure which one to get. The D1 is smaller than the pocket drone so not sure which route to get. I want to place my order tonight for sure but I’m stuck

RC 304 says:

Can I get red colour in India

RC 304 says:

I am unsubscribing you channel

Umut Türkoğlu says:

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محمدثاءر العبيدي says:

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Aryaas Slimi says:


Ben Forsman says:

Do you know what would cause a shaking and not being able to fly?

Sky High Aerial Productions says:

Nice video!!! Check out my channel!!! Please subscribe!!!

mikentosh says:

Loose the music! Lame.

Shoyab Ansari says:

my favret helicopter is f 103mini helicopter

Jaiden Gonzalez says:

this bitch empty yeet

Muilisx says:

I don’t know if I should get the FQ777-124 Pocket Drone or the D1. 🙁

Max Pineda says:

very cool!!

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