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Syma S107G –
So this is the BEST SELLING RC Helicopter on Amazon & Highest Rated … Let’s find out why! It’s only about $20 too, and comes with everything you need to fly making it great kids toy as it’s very affordable! The Syma S107G has over 13,400 reviews and counting so we definitely had to pick one up and see for ourselves why everyone likes this. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Happy Flying!

RC Helicopter in this Video –

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cmulder002 says:

they still make those?! that is a 9 year old model.

I know you are Noobs just starting out but these have been around a LONG time.
And yes coaxials have 2 motors (the esky lama series was quite good for its time)
This design replaced the swashplate servo setup of a true coaxial with the tail motor that pushes the nose down so it moves forward.
ANd a flybar does NOT make a helicopter stable by itself it is the 45 degree angle that does that.
Standard collective pitch fly bar helicopters have the fly bar at 90 degrees of the blades to avoid being over stable.

Surchaufeur says:

Inhave diffeant one but same controller

Drew Alsup says:

This was one of my first rc helis besides the tiny single rotor ones by venom and horizon had the space walker wich was an astronaught with a helicopter backpack and even air hogs has a foam one many years ago like 4 years ago, my stepdad even got a red one exactly the same as this one and he liked it alot it was really fun. I also had a nice one from brookstone years ago, they are not as nice as the eflite ones they have now like the blade series but this is what started alot of people into the small helicopters

Gary C says:

I had one of these several years ago. I ended up putting the rotors on upside down and flying it inverted!

Jon Collinson says:

I caught the bug with one of these,

Ian - Flyin Gremlin RC-NZ says:

Well hi there you two..The new look…Well I am still on the fence with the lines around the RC’s…..I feel its a bit cartoonish….but thats me..others may like it…I reckon there could be something else you could try…but defintly thumbs up for trying to change up you channel and not just getting stuck in the same old thing…And now with 168k..whoohooo!!!! Oh yeh you need to up date you sign….Good to see Popeye again….

Damon0306 says:

RCSaylors, please reply, I just purchased the Blade 70s after watching your videos on it. It’s my FIRST helicopter. I haven’t been making much progress, I can’t tell if it’s the lack of actual flying space or if I just really stink. Would you recommend THIS helicopter over the Blade 70s for a beginner? Would you say it’s MUCH easier to fly over the 70s? I went with the 70s because of the looks. I hate the look of the fly bar and the second set of rotor blades, but at this point I would be happy to fly anything. Thanks! Love your channel!

RC Crazy says:

I had the red and white COX plane on 2 strings control lines, in 1974.. with all the steve Austin 6 million dollar man dude with accessories yup still in an box in working condition. Popeyes raising cane in the back ground it sounds like.. those are cool helis. Well Give Popeye his treat and Amelia her hug.. God Bless You and your family.

Spartacus FPV says:

Dang, if it were 2.4ghz rather than IR I would’ve gotten one.

Wolf Lupke says:

This was my first RC and it was the best start i could have asked for.

Derby King says:

I noticed a difference in this video for sure, I do like how you got things going quicker. I definitely noticed it had a more direct professional vibe. I kind of like the personable factor you guys give in your videos, it makes it feel more like your having fun then presenting a product.

Moira O'Brien says:

I came here for the planes – definitely my favorite (I have 5 or 6 models, two of which I bought because of you guys) – but I have stayed because I love your content, and I have even bought two toy drones as a result (though I fly a Mavic). Let’s see more fixed wing when the weather gets better :). New format? I didn’t really notice so it must be good 🙂

Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks says:

My first heli! Was a great learner. (Edit) To be specific, before I flew any drones, I learned to fly on this heli. I would suggest this Syma heli to any new beginning pilot. Pro tip, carry a car charger with you or your phone brick, saves on batteries!

R Lindsey says:

Yeah, I like the new layout. I noticed immediately and it seemed to work well. I really like this chopper. Good job!

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

I havent had one of those. I do have a Blade Helicopter that was given to me as part of a package with an Apprentice. The local College was offering a class introduction to flight that had as part of the cost a voucher for an Apprentice and a Blade helicopter. Now Its just a drone( I think) most guys sold them after the class to recoop some of their money from the class. I bought 3 Apprentice that year and was given two Blade helicopters. I have one left. I still fly it once in a while because I cannot sell it . Fine times RC is.

Scott Marshall says:

That model has been around for about 5 years now. A few years ago I gave them to everyone for Christmas. They don’t do well outdoors because of the IR, as you note. Eventually the lipo dies, they can be replaced cheap enough if you have soldering skills. Bangood has the batteries, as do several vendors on ebay.
I like the new format!

TheRcSaylors says:

RC Helicopter in this Video –
What is your favorite color Helicopter?!

Shawn Felty says:

I have a yellow one. I really like it and it’s a great buy !

Megaglow Z says:

That has gotten SOOOOOO many people into the hobby. Great video guys!!!

bill warman says:

No sound

Joshua C. says:

The S107 is a remote control LEGEND.
This thing DEFINES the infrared coaxial micro-helicopter.

It’s not the fastest, it’s not the most powerful, it can’t carry an action camera, and it doesn’t even work outdoors. (It won’t work at all in sunlight, as it’s not receiving the IR data frames.)
But it’s good, cheap, quick, easy, and fun.
And it’s small and light enough that you won’t break anything when you inevitably crash it while learning how to fly.
I learned to fly helis on one.
(Also search “Syma S107 Battle Drill” here on YouTube.)

maximus mapleleaf says:

I love mini RCS. Living in Canada their fun during the winter season. I can get my RC fix. Lol

John Poen says:

I have a couple of these super little indoor heli’s & love them for the easy piloting & stable flight! Great review, my friends! Take great care! JP

blazing planes says:

just bought one

Andy Bond says:

A coaxial helicopter has to have 2 motors it varies the speed for yaw control

FPV Club says:

Cool. the S107 was my first heli!.. It flys nice.. I highly recommend it for beginners.

sᴛᴀᴄᴇʏ ABSHIRE says:

Shaking up the video format I see 🙂

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