Air Hogs Switchblade Ground and Air Race RC Heli Toy Review, Car and Heli Combo

SwitchBlade RC Heli Toy Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new Air Hogs Switchblade car/heli RC toy from Spin Master.

Air Hogs Switchblade Ground and Air Heli Sells for $34.99 –

Take the race from driving to flying with the Switchblade Ground and Air Race Heli from Air Hogs! It features gyro-stabilization for a stable, high-performance flight and clip-on spoilers to take the adventure to the road. Race your friends, conduct important missions, and master stunts on land and sky with the Air Hogs Switchblade Ground and Air Race Helo!

* RC helicopter transforms to drive on ground with clip-on spoilers for ground control.
* Crash-resistant frame survives even the toughest crash landings.
* Gyro-stabilization provides a smooth, easy-to-operate flight.
* Switchblade is for ages 8+ and requires 4 AA batteries (batteries not included).
* Includes: 1 Switchblade, 1 Controller / Charger, 2 Ground Control Spoilers, 1 Instruction Guide

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Good Stuff says:


The Mad Hatter says:


John Lynch says:

Looks, like an awesome thing to race

golden Rex says:

sir can you give me that drone please… I really want to fly a deone

John T. says:

scale it like a light-aircraft!?

Diego Alvarez says:

I want one

John Wedrall says:

cool flight video, nice looking quad.

Roscoe kibuukamusoke says:

I’m having the same problem

momotin2 says:


Joel Vedoy says:

air hogs are so cool

Cloud9 Rhymes says:

Lucky that cat didn’t attack it!

aaron baxter says:

there was already a product like that made years ago if you want to check that out for review

Crazy Chris says:

I got it for 20 bucks

Charlie Moise says:

i have that kind of heli and its red

S K says:

were did you get that amazing car drone?  how much was that car drone?  I love how it is like a car and a drone.


it’s AWESOME drone sir…. wow……

Unkouwn Slacker says:

just saying not very durable second day it broke. the second blade hit my office chair and heard a snap, then I realized the magic was gone. since the bottom blade made it turn right left, and fly this thing was done. I don’t remember if it said durable on the box this item is not. it’s best if you fork over a little more for the stunt quad they have.

ahmad almaged says:

i have 1

Candy Tran-Dimailig says:

air hogs switchblade is the awesome toy ever my cousin Evan as in EVANTUBERAW HAS THE SAME TOY

Psalms Dahnkuan says:

that is cool

hayley bayman says:

I have one but you only have 5 minutes so charge it long

Lilian Kennedy says:

So kwel

Benjamin Holmes says:

Thank you

MaunieBrownie says:

How the hell do I fly my airhog cuz mine literally only spinning arounddd

someguy ontheinternet says:

Please compare it to this one.

S K says:

I also kinda think it is like a future car like if it was way in the future do you think that is what cars would look alittel bit like that?  like just imagon those but a lot bigger we would all be driving and flying.

Lorenzo inflatable And singing toys Channel fan 658 says:

Wowee robot bag for 2017

Luiza Janczyk says:

like if whatching in 2016

Sharon Carter says:

Thanks for all your hard work dad dose and making YouTube exciting for all!

Gogelio Marx says:

Great work! Great channel!

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