Air Hogs Shadow Launcher Review, 2 in 1 RC Helicopter and Car

Air Hogs RC Shadow Launcher Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new for 2015 Air Hogs Shadow Launcher.

The Air Hogs Shadow Launcher Sells for $39 on Amazon –

The big deal with this RC toy is that it looks like a simple RC truck, but push a button on the remote and the doors open on the truck and out puts a tiny RC helicopter.

One cool trick – no batteries in the truck, it is powered by the RC helicopter. This does mean once you eject the helicopter the truck can’t move by itself.

Here is more information on the Air Hogs Shadow Launcher 2 In 1 RC Helicopter and Car –
Shadow Launcher
The Air Hogs Shadow Launcher is a rugged
ground vehicle for conquering indoor obstacles. With a push of a button, the doors open revealing a stealth helicopter. Increase the throttle and fly away with a gyro-stabilized helicopter. The Air Hogs Shadow Launcher is the ultimate 2 in 1 combo for limitless adventures!

Age: 8+ Suggested Retail Price: $39.99

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cookahbetsy says:

why do they not show the helicopter landing??

Fahmi Meiwardhani says:

super awesome toys..

Rahman Iskandar says:

Might get this on my b-day its on Friday

Emma Carroll says:

mine will not charge enough to fly, no. matter what i do!! how to fix?

james thomas says:

I need to see more

Xavier Blue says:

Totally left one

Teresa Monroe says:


FarcryJake says:

how do you get the heli out of the truck

Anita Dhiman says:

does it moves forward

Igor Gabrielan says:

Air Hogs Shadow Launcher review, 2 in 1 RC helicopter and car

thgicK Kcalib says:

the cool thing about this thing to is that it can control 2 helicopters at the same time as well



max d stunt says:

I got that today. It’s really fun and it turns fast.

Irfan Mirza says:

the plan looks nice

shantasia binaird says:

my son really wants that for crismast he loves remote control cars and helicopters

TMNT A1 says:


wierdness and gaming says:

heres a challenge egect the helicopter then try and land it back in the truck

james thomas says:


He says:

How much $$$$

Ingrid Jimenez says:

I like

Edward Sims says:

I remember the old version of this

FaZe_Keem says:


Shazil Butt says:

fourth comment

Sikha Devi says:

Can any one give me bayblade

Ben 4975 says:

4:23 the strongarm wow

Cook Kids says:

How much do they cost?

Caleb Owen says:

that was cool

Sandro Fagiolo says:

Mai riuscito a decollare….chi può aiutarmi?

S K says:

pretty cool

max d stunt says:

The battery life is about 10 minutes

Kris Ellis says:

Anyone have trouble getting it to fly after a few launches?

John Williams says:

the air hogs shadow launcher is awesome!

Itsyeboi Strangevlogger says:

Great I want one for my 3 year old he she

waldow888 says:

My son bought this today and it worked for 10 minutes. This thing looks cheap, sounds cheap but s expensive to buy. At $79.99 in Australia this thing is going back to the shop tomorrow.

Xavier Blue says:

join the discussion and leave a comment here…

Daniel Ruiter says:


Rahman Iskandar says:

And my moms is on Saturday

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