Air Hogs – Axis 400X – Review and Flight

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Air Hogs brings back their 4ch helicopter, the Helix 360, this time redesigned and renamed Axis 400X. The Helix 360 is my favorite toy-grade helicopter, so I’m very excited to see them bring it back out as the Axis 400X. 🙂

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Rachel Carlin says:

get an rc chinook

John Wedrall says:

nice review, my favorite color too


mike collins says:

Hi again! I managed to crash my 400x (again) and now when I take off it darts to the left.
I checked all the obvious and can’t find anything wrong. Tried the trim both ways and no change. Any tips. BTW…Your videos are extremely informative. Thank You!

Stephen Vieira says:

I bought a broken helix 360 online and removed the charging cable from the transmitter and made my own usb charging cable out of it back when I first owned one. I have since sold it but this video has made me want to purchase another used one off eBay if I can find a good deal on one. As you, I also learned 4 channel flying with it. Thanks for the review!

panic mike says:

Nice heli. Wish they make the next one 2.4ghz

sean stevens says:

This can, if you crash it hard enough, have its cyclic control stuck on full right, or full back (or, less likely, full forward or full left).
The cyclic is not a proper swash plate but two U shaped bars operated by servos that alter the angle of the rotor disc by acting on a larger cylindrical drum that moves the rotor blades and flybar.
With big impacts, those U shaped bars can end up with one upright portion of the U stuck *inside* the ‘sleeve’ on the rotor assembly that they use to alter rotor angle. When this happens, the rotor will bind and ‘click’ over as you spin it. The heli will also fly full[whatever angle it’s stuck on] after you take off. Don’t panic, read on.

To fix, disassemble the shell with an eyeglasses screwdriver, pry apart, and pry the upright ‘leg’ of the U outside of the rotor cyclic ‘drum’, then check for free rotation of the rotor without binding. Make sure it is still located on the peg protruding from the servo. Unsticking it from the drum can also have it popped off its servo peg/dowel.

I have crashed this now so many times in 5 days [first rc helo ever, let alone 4 channel… that was maybe a bad idea] that i’ve removed the screws from the canopy shell so i can fix this condition quickly and just …. not bothered to put the screws back in. The canopy deforms easily enough to make this a 1 minute fix.

Carter Gamradt says:

Can I buy the axis 400x from u flying’Ryan rcIn coins dimes quarters

Nathan Dong says:

and the helicopter is cool

MegaPlex XL says:

Nice fish lamp

She knows where supper hangs says:

Can’t replace main rotor at all?

Charles Montemayor says:

Where to buy?

jason persaud says:

i want to get this kind of thing as my first heli

justinflame647 roblox says:

I’m immediate what r u guys?

TheJewelOfJool says:

Are Havoc Helis still being sold?

Joe Rice says:


Anita Dhiman says:

air hogs 400x is better or air hogs gyroblade

mohammad saghir says:

does it last that long

Eric Worten says:

usb usb usb lol

Malone Teebs says:

Would be cool if they made a helicopter landing pad that charged the copter just by landing on it. kinda like those wireless cell phone chargers. and also have a red and green l.e.d. to indicate when its done charging it.

Leonkiller2569 says:

what is the fly time on this

mark sommer says:

the old helix 360 flew better. i was disappointed in the 400’s handling. cant recommend it over 30 bucks

jeffrey lee says:

The web site is too poor for the description!! No specification! How people want to know about it? The your web is just for people to see and know nothing!!

MarquisDeSang says:

I had the first generation 4 channel air hogs heli and it was better than hobby grade rc of same scale (size).

Detectingthe North says:

I don’t understand why you cannot use it outdoors?  What does infrared have to do with flying it outside? Txs.

Marwan Elchach says:


John Alvin Maneja says:

sir how much did you sale your rc hellicopter???

mike collins says:

Ryan…this is my first helicopter. Never flew one before and I love it. Yeah, I crashed it a lot but it really is pretty easy to fly. You are so right about trying to fly it outside. It doesn’t. thanks for the great video.

Mario Sigala says:

i mean do u keep everything u bought or o u give it away

Bob Boberson says:

Sad to see Air Hogs (now Spin Masters) get out of the helicopter business. It’s all drones now. Sigh.

Awesome stuff productions 23 says:

how long does it take to charge and I am doing it now

Aimless says:

I really sad when bought it and Just know that was ir toy.

MOD MIC says:

I have this helicopter

Juan Aguirre says:

they should make an outdoor version

Sean 270wn says:

isn’t the syma s800g toy grade

Aiden Kal says:

I flew mine accidentally I top of a roof and recovered it this helicopter is awesome I love it

ElephanticVlogs says:

The Air Hogs Axis 200, does any1 know why it keeps spinning?

RC Guy says:

does it always move Forward? thanks for the review

Fawder 101 says:

Air hogs should make an airwolf helicopter

Purple Panda32 says:

pfft, I got mine for a smokin deal at toys r us for $ 21.99


nice video fling ryan

Jake Tuohy says:

Im coming from my ol Airhogs Reflex. I would like to have whatever is most similar to the Reflex cause that thing was awesome. Should i get a Axis 400x or 300x?? Thanks

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