5$ RC Helicopter (AIR VICTOR)

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Yep you read the title right. A remote control helicopter for 5 whole dollars. Not too impressive compared to any other remote control flying-thing, however I’m more amazed by the price than anything. I know those crash landings looked pretty severe at the end, but don’t worry it survived at least those two 10 feet drops =)

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Spencer Johnson says:

Ik this is a year old, but i just bought an airhog for 20 at target, and im actually having a lot of fun with it, but i had this same experience with 5below’s helicopter. I like the video!!

zach the destroyer says:

At 5:55 that’s when he unboxs it

xcusiwinx Ps4forlife says:

You have to get close to it dumbass I have one

duhitsme 12 says:

I hate this on my own bhome when I got it for a hour and I change it and did not work

ExplosiveWaffulz says:

duude yes 5 below always amazes me the shit they manage to sell for hella cheap…including all the licensed stuff

Debangan Mukherjee says:

The cat also see your helicopter that how it was fly it was nice

ExplosiveWaffulz says:

oh and they all have the extra thing on there i think its in case its too jittery and spinny u can give it a bit more control with the other one that makes it stiffer

ocean man says:

U need some trimming on the pitch

sweet and sour says:

I have one and it works it’s actually very fun

ricky spanish says:

I just got a cheap rc helicopter similar to that it’s like the air hogs ones but it actually works properly

Pierre Nishimwe says:

I Have The Same One

Lazaro Rodriquez says:

i cant belive that more then half this video has nothing to do with flying its this fuck head talking about his dildo

vCheeseMe/ says:

What is you doing

ExplosiveWaffulz says:


Logan The Fishing Buddy says:


Chris Done says:

Where’s it say air victory on that box ? Lol

Tabatha Creedence says:

Plot twist: he never flies the helicopter

Duncan Smallwood says:

12:36 is that a voice crack? WTF?

ricky spanish says:

The problem with outside use is that it is IR light controlled so sunlight interferes with it

ExplosiveWaffulz says:

i bought this and willingly abused it just to see how much it would take now it just spins in circles but damn it takes a beating fell from like 40 ft onto concrete for shits and giggles and flew normally i think i just need to trim them out

Duncan Smallwood says:

Every toy helicopter under $30 I’ve had did not work

Lazaro Rodriquez says:

fuckin fly the fuckin chopper dammmmm

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