$5 Dollar Helicopter/Nanocopter From Five Below – Review & Test Flight

The store Five Below usually sells some pretty neat and useful items and as everyone knows, they cost $5 bucks or less. To get ready for the spring season, Five Below has starting stocking the shelves with a bunch of RC products. One particular item that stood out is this Nanocopter Helicopter. It has a unique design and comes in three colors. So lets check out what you get for $5 bucks. Enjoy

►Main camera https://goo.gl/af8vpT
►Sport camera https://goo.gl/HUkakN
►Magnetic camera https://goo.gl/6MnyYk
►External Mic https://goo.gl/gyKEKf
►Handheld gimbal https://goo.gl/TvL982
►Drone https://goo.gl/2bfp27
►Led lights https://goo.gl/rTvsW4
►Main tripod https://goo.gl/xJWUWW
►Mini tripod https://goo.gl/xhdJfA
►Rotating pod https://goo.gl/AtpcVX
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DRONE review man of all drones says:

Very cool little thing!!! Great review

Dee Gravelrama says:

Great review! I got this as a stocking-stuffer for my dad & wondered how good it actually was, thanks for the honest breakdown!

Exploring Nomad Media says:

Very entertaining lol

Good Day for Decay says:

Love the leg lamp…cool review

Adam Tereska says:

Cool little copter. Cool review.

Jay Drone says:


jeffgrantMEDIA says:

I like that little guy. Amy got me something similar as a stocking suffer for Christmas. It’s fun to just fly around… and drive the dog and cat crazy.

Matthew Kearney says:

I have gotten mine so out of trim that I cant even control it any more lol. I dont know why but the trim buttons dont seem to help

Susan A Reid says:

Neat! It looks like a mosquito from the side and an iron from the front. Can you fly it outside? I have never heard of Five Below, so now I know about them. Thank you for a neat video!

GenesisGENIUS says:

lol your lamp is from that movie that plays during Christmas.

Sophia Soph says:

how did you turn it on?

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