World’s Fastest RC Car under $60

Blue version (cheapest price):
Red version:

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razor gamer says:

“nice big motor” “””””2 inches”””””””

aidanjameswheaton says:

Lol that car ain’t the fastest car in the world…….. My car goes over 240 MPH My Car Goes up to 250 MPH Speed

Dylan Petersen says:

Where did you buy the ramp?

Jacob Gutierrez says:

were can i bye one

Microflame 808 says:

For a low budget car, it’s pretty fast but I’ve seen better cars that are under 60 or dead even. Still a good vid tho I guess :/ <3

Bowlleux Mobile says:

Nice Video I have the A959B very fast RC

A Pimp Named Slickback says:

Gay music

Shadow Gaming Roblox says:

so slow

xXZenki ramXx says:

Check out xspeed buggy from NIKKO only 17 dollars its soo fast

Shushank Bajaj says:

Best rc car

speeder 8576 says:

that car ain’t got crap on traxxas

Andrew Taylor says:

Spare e peices like this thing right here…..BUAHHAHAHA this dumb fuck dont know what RC is.

Wade Caton says:

You don’t have many hobby grade RC’s do you? Every good RC will have onoff switch inside the body. But with that said, it doesn’t look all bad for $60.

kalub warner says:

Fucking liyer get a real rc car

LJaysPerspective says:

For a $60 kickaround toy. It’s more then suitable, considering all you have todo is turn it on. All of my traxxas 4×4 t maxx, stampede or cars are customized so if anyone isnt please with the speed. Go buy a traxxas product or spend an additional $150 plus worth of electronics and a new lipo to make a $60 toy go faster….lol I would personally liked to have seen a bashing video instead. That’s my take otherwise nice simple vid.

rambobronco says:

Car sucks maybe his daddy owns the company

Mathiezer says:


Andrew Taylor says:

OMG The on off switch…shit I would have never known…you are the fucking man.

Trentx79 says:


BoneFire says:

Ok people just bye a traxxas so what there not cheep but there more durable…

Ron Castle says:

i bet after like 10 mins of riding it it will break

Meearny says:

you are sad ever car you have to take off the body to put the battery in the only type you do not need to do that to is New Bright rc cars

Andrew Freese says:

This guy obviously knows nothing about rc cars or trucks, opens the box, “it’s got the standard rc car remote control”

William Malone says:

if he thinks this is insane he should drive the traxxas xmaxx 8s

Game Max says:

Fastest car $60 or less! God read ppl

Barzan Rodini says:

It is not the world fastest rc lol

MotoJay Z/28 says:

There are rc cars that break 100mph and your say this one is the fastest and only goes 31mph.

Scottie_ R_Jr says:

ppl are saying there is faster rc’s well no shit ppl but are they 60$$$ If so this is his opinion.. the video didnt say the fastest r/c car made it said fastest r/c for $60..

Plymouth Williams says:

I thought it’ll be fast, but it’s good enough for that speed.

Nathen quick says:

You can tell it was in fast motion

Andrew Taylor says:

This is turd….

Kim Jong Un says:

Indeed 50 KM not 50 KG

Hooded Creeper says:

I feel like that motor could handle wayyyyy more voltage

lars berk says:

That’s a cool RC car

wolf brideau says:

look like a litehawk baja set up

Josh Gaming says:


Legit broz says:

Mine is faster it goes 60 mph

Nathan Reese says:

Stopped there is faster rc cars

Mathiezer says:

Witch music do you use

YB Lo says:

Thats nothing

Rick Malone says:

That thing’s pretty slow, I get it’s cheap, but saying “fastest” period is reaching, even if it said (Fastest under $100).

Alex Fry says:

That is not close to the world’s fastest RC car

mico utsumi says:

I want a RC car

Andrew Taylor says:

Dude you cant drive…how you have a mil I wil never know…go back to your moms basement

Chase Caraway says:

I have that type of even car

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