UD2168A Transformer Rock Climber Car Drive Test Review

This car is really cool, and transforms remotely from rock crawler to low riding racer that can even drive upside down. Apparently a clone of the Tonka Ricochet. Find it here https://goo.gl/mUAtRh

– Seems to be able to crawl over most anything. But if an object is too high causing it to flip (in racer mode) it can still continue to drive upside down.
– Can switch back and forth between crawler and racer while driving.
– Great range in excess of 100 meters.
– Really, I had a lot of fun with this, as should most kids (and kids at heart).

– If the car flips upside down while in crawler mode, you can transform to racer to continue driving. However if you switch back to crawler while upside down in racer mode, the crawler will still be in its original upside down position (meaning that you’ll have to manually flip the crawler to continue driving).
– Uses NiCAD battery pack, although the pack does give lots of drive time.
– Don’t try to ride it as a skateboard as some of its ads suggest 😉

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Manoj Chauhan says:


Titanickaram says:

ok cool. take my money

Gianni Bulls says:

1st please shoutout

XplayerX TM says:

This is a Fake of the real from Toonka

Mikey Rast says:

Technically it’s not new… Tonka make a VERY similar model MANY years ago. I still have it and it still works

Najis Khan Rahat says:

How many time its battery backup time

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Find it here* https://goo.gl/mUAtRh

Show My earth says:

Nice very nice your video I enjoyed

Zero A says:

if you do suggestions there is a drone i want with fpv its called the dx-4 drone by sharper image

David Smith says:

that’s pretty cool may have to get one myself thanks for the nice video

LittleGentleBeast says:

Is it waterproof?

belal Ahmad says:

My dad bought me like this it’s super fast. It’s from China and it can bend

samnella9 says:

Nice !

Rajendra Tanawade says:

rock fist car you take

Ray Lugo says:

You out of breath you need to transform. Haha lol.

Andrea Bertoni says:

I bought this model and I like it a lot but I have a problem. Practically the model does not go straight but always tends to go right and I have to constantly correct it with the radio control. I would like to know how I can adjust it so that it goes straight. Thanks so much.

dave himlin says:

I wonder how this would run on a 3s lipo, or upgrading the 2 motors to brushless ? If this could be modded to do 30 mph, it would be killer.

shabeer kallinkal Art Waves Interiors says:

how is this….and charge battery or chargeble

Mas Pras Channel says:

Land, air, maybe next rc on water, sir.

Sarge Monday says:

Looks like a good deal at $50 bucks, however they don’t tell you what shipping cost. If it’s another $50, forget it. Also needs a sensor to determine which way to move wheels so you don’t have to go and flip it over.

John Holland says:

Good review

I'm just SAMEER says:

This is the worst car ever
I spend 200 riyals just to get it broken in 2 weeks it doe st convert and turn

Gadget Inspector says:

Now that is really cool. “Transform…and roll out!”

furulevi says:

“Sorry, products not found”

Danial Khan says:

Awesome transform

Jofrel van Kooi says:

Is this a rip-off of a Tonka Ricochet?

Azmi J says:

with a good set of tires , i think it would perform very well over rocks!

Show My earth says:

I subscribed

GAproductions says:

I wish it was a little faster


Keep you in shape or get you in shape ?????

BioVirulent says:

Was that a penis on that rock?

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