Tron Bike Clones Lightning Speed Bikes Complete Review

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Lightning Speed Bikes are toy grade RC bikes that do not have any Gyro wheel to balance these. But amazingly the construction of the bikes and leaning Riders keep these bikes straight on the road. These are super fun bikes for all ages and kids are going to simply love these. Very durable, fast enough for kids and fun RC bikes. Not to mention, cheap as well. Enjoy the unboxing and driving fun together with my kid’s video clips. Follow the link to order these bikes.

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skizz oomkung GG says:


Pokke Jokerr says:

very very slow

iftekhar ansari says:

can you also suggest how to charge the battery, there is no charging point available on bike.

Babu Bakash says:

l like that

rahul kamanboina says:

it’s price is 1599 in amazon

waseem ansari says:


pete a says:

haha you talk funny

mongkol Pat says:

this toy have in Cambodia

Galaxy Tab 3V Galaxy Tab 3V says:


Jacobus Arthur says:


oguzatakan06 says:

oha lan bismilahirahim dedi ler helel olson kardeşim

Affan BASHIR says:

hello , I love your channel very much…
can I get this motorbike in Pakistan?

Gemes Jogos says:

foi muito irado


can u make a vedio to make it faster

Vinayak Vikas Tech Bro says:

i bought it its superb

Shut da hell up says:

is the steering and throttle proportionate?

Reshma Begum says:


Últimas Músicas says:

Muito engraçado essa perna

S Akhter says:

hi alishanmao i am a muslim and that was awesome video i have ever seen khodahafej

Vinayak Vikas Tech Bro says:

i bought it its superb

باسل الناصر says:

افضل وحد عندي يعرض اسيارت والدبابات

mohammed naseem says:

near 20

skizz oomkung GG says:


Dave Alviorazi says:

Wa Alaikumsalam.., nice video..and much fun.., I was can’t stop laughing when you set up the rider’s leg for bike keep in stand position… 🙂
once again..nice video.. 🙂

Moiz Khan says:

Good video

ftg ftg says:

Assalamualaikum. how much money can i buying for my son .. l’m from malaysia

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

Assalam, my friends, finally Hadi can play also with Arisch.

Dirk Declercq says:

Is the speed proportional?

Shantisse Mason says:

I used to have that bike at my nana’s house it was all red but the acid started to leak

ftg ftg says:


chandan yadav says:

how to buy this bike& price?

pam johnson says:

He just said that I would like

kemoceng sakti says:


Anisaki Ahsuya says:


Jai's Media says:

what a load of garbage !!

Zachariah Thompson says:

ive never seen that intro

Últimas Músicas says:

Muito engraçado essa perna

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