Traxxas Stampede Review and Driving!

Driving through water!


Alan Fernandes says:


Goalkeepers only 3dr2 says:

if i were you when you upgrade to a brushless motor get the castle creations sidewinder 3. its a really fast, fun, and cheap esc/motor combo. unless youre getting the mamba monster then iwould recommend this. my friend has a rustler with a velenion engine in it and my car has the sidewinder in it and my car goes like 15-20 mph faster thsn his. as an added bonus its waterproof

jgumm789 says:

I got mine about 2 weeks ago. Always wanted one of these and finally broke down and bought one. Nice skill level 1 RC Monster Truck. Lots of power. The only thing I did not like was the battery charger that came with it. It plugs into a cigarette lighter. It works but takes a long time to charge up. I would recommend the 4 amp wall charger for about $50. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money – so far about $

arron D awesome says:

i just got a new motor for my stampede

Lastcookie says:

ive got the traxxas stampede YEARS ago. and it still works perfectly!

FourMantella462 says:

Very helpful!

Silent Echo says:

where can you find one of those chargers

verseoners says:

go traxxas its yur birthday go traxxas

Allie Kenny says:

My friend has blue stampede I have white stampede

Product reviewer uk says:

batt life

Chhaya Mhaskar says:

I think its 2.4 Ghz

Val91 says:

It is a 2wd

Eric Hill says:

What’s top speed

Rad Bryce 21 says:

I am getting that sick stampede

Andrew Comino says:



Very nice vid,thumbs up and subbed.

AdyB2008 says:

Honestly one of the funniest things I’ve seen today. Your dog is awesome! I can’t stop laughing! 🙂

FlOoF_BaLl says:

Suspension seems to stiff

toby yeager says:

Aww u have a cockatiel

Ethan _ Rumsey says:

I have this rc


i got the same exactly truck but with bumper/ fenders

Skylar Stenlund says:

Squeak squeak squeak

Andrew Anderson says:

your dog is soo cute.

Matt Gaming says:

Why did you not put it in the water

Evolve Turtle says:

How much was it?did u get it off the website?

JarodDaMtnDEWman says:

Dude it is brushless

LLT says:

does it come with hex or philips hardware

Slugo's RC says:

Dude haven’t seen your video’s in a long time hope everything is ok! Thanks Rich

Shahzad Siddique says:


SkateLife15 says:

upgraded to a brushless SOOOO MUCH BETTER

Mai Dude says:

I have the same exact truck it has been through 4 inch water and today it has not needed any replacements except for something plastic (idr bec it was 6 yrs ago)

Flyboy Guru says:

I like the look of the Stampede, but like the power and off road performance of a brushed Redcat Volcano much more.  Can’t believe Traxxas even makes a 2WD monster truck..  I mean come on.

b gladney says:

Give the dog back his toy you monster

Waleed Rahman says:

Do all traxxas vehicle come with instruction for what to do?

RC McTool says:

I believe Traxxas had upgrade to 2.4 Ghz radio……. 8^)

Freese says:

I think you sold me

3Vimages says:

Difference between brushed and brushless motors please? Please don’t say one has brushes and the other doesn’t! 😉

Drew John says:

Didn’t show its true potential. Get inky the stampede it goes over everything!! It’s it’s great when you put light in it for night driving

tractorback76 says:

squeaaaky squeaky squeaky lol

JarodDaMtnDEWman says:

Brushed cars are for nitro and gas powered rc cars

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