Subotech 4×4 2 4Ghz RC Car Unboxing & Review | Supercool Off Road RC Car

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ccbs vlogs says:

U fuking idiot u remove the silver things on the body called body clips the black thingys are shock spacers u use them to stiffen the spring

João Fernandes says:

O carro é fixe , tu , não .

Rc Hobby says:

How fast?


Is the motor brushless?

YO Vlogs says:

this is nice but check the wheelie action is crazy

Igor Štimac says:

Is this one better than Feiyue fy10?

Omaster34 says:

How fast does it go?

Gaming With Kris says:

I live in Bandra I like her sister Update it’s very cool

Dee Armijo says:


Garv's Gravy says:

hey bro loved yr vid. but how do you have that amazing English accent being an indian?

Muhammed Hussain says:

i am gonna bay thatrc car

Shut da hell up says:

does it have variable throttle and steering?

Neli Jeff says:

“You see the stairs over there”, *crashes car into stairs*

Jordan Conigliaro says:

is it actually 4wd

Sajid Shaikh says:

I like jlb cheetah

Paul Downes says:

Love the way you take a brand new car from the box and admire it then just lob it upside down on it’s brand new roof and rotate it around a little lol hahahaaa

ej corpuz says:


Rohan Karki says:

I was arfaid when took out knife

Ima Boss says:

Nice knife

coolm24 mason says:

Your video are cool

kings fire says:

Btw them rings are for the suspension to stiffen it up you jam them under the springs

Mk Gamer says:

Can I plz have the rc I have been subscribed from a long time I am a rc car lover plz man but we can’t afford it so plz

wizzy tech says:

you talk shit

Baig Gamer says:

Salam Bhai

Louis Ireland says:

you stated talking about suspension so you crashed it in to a wall??

jack murray says:

hey could u review the acme mighty rc nitro car please cause im thinking about getting it.

Qayum Ayum says:

on the best

Frankie Hadwick says:

its really not called an exelaromitor..


fuck you

wouter van wijk says:

You just really want to show your knife don’t you….lol….

Michael Shuman says:

Mine blew up

Sonali Jarande says:

which is the song ,when the video is getting started

backlashD says:

Those shocks really didn’t look very good. just from looking they don’t look like that have any fluid in them. I also really dislike battery doors under the car, and the try looks really small. Also the switch on the bottom is terrible. Easily get turned off when diving.

Jamar Mckay says:

Have u thought about upgrading the car with better parts like motor and shocks and gears etc i just bought one and that’s my plan ill make it sick and make a review but was wondering if u even tried it yet it has a E Revo Look lol Ill try n make it super.

Andreas Neacsu says:

Can I get it in the USA

DOW Gaming says:

I have that it’s amazing!

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