Remote Control Wall Climbing Car – Air Hogs Zero Gravity Real Rides Review

My son bought an Air Hogs Zero Gravity Real Rides Remote Control Wall Climbing car with his Christmas money. It’s a neat idea, but how does it work? Great on the ceiling, but not so good on the wall, and terrible on the floor. But you don’t buy something like this to drive on the floor. Watch the video, and you can decide if it’s worth buying or not. Air Hogs makes a lot of other neat tiny remote-control cars, helicopters and motorcycles.


Aasher Ahmed says:

I have a better one than this.mine could clime wall

Jody Bowden says:

How much it one of these cars

Anish kumar dubey says:


skateboarding master says:

it sucks and you suck that car is rubish

Flamo353 says:

in summary its not worth buying

Zachary Hummel says:

Here’s my question… How u get it up there and two how u get it down… Just let it dye?

carot2003 says:

Good for chasing spiders..

Youlasty says:

so you open your kids toys??? before u give it to them????? oooh worst dad

Karthikeyan R says:

Is this for real???????

sztewe says:

its sounds like a vaccum cleaner

0312221000 031222100 says:
Free Music Downloader - All Music says:


MrFreddiboy says:

Cool toy! How much did it cost and how much does it weight? 😀 

Amristar says:

I think it’s tired.

Kketansa Art says:

If this car is lying around in the corner by now… I would suggest you make a remote controlled vacuum cleaner out of it 😀

Laurits Boe Sørensen says:

Stop what videos

Zachary Hummel says:


mariotaz says:


Rachna Thapa says:

this rc car is a toy of vaccum science

Anish kumar dubey says:


Zachary Hummel says:

I go the samething but differnt body… Can’t use it… Not right walls and celling

bumrush72 says:

go clean your filthy toe nails.

Saeed tube says:

I just buy this today

Meshaber says:

M35-Mako right there.

James Distefanis says:

BIGFOOT making a anoying noise

barak guetta says:

why are you playing with your child toy and upload it to youtube?

Anish kumar dubey says:

Sir can you tell from where I can order this car form the internet? Plz help sir. My email id is

ちんちん sacrifice says:

Make one for hobby grade!

Rachna Thapa says:

scientific vaccum sucktion anti-gravity infared signal transmitter control vehicle or 4w

Stephen Carmona says:

How did Chad feel about it?

Evan Perez says:

i think it well fell when it ran out of battery

NANO-Nils says:

cool, thats very cool…hihi

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