A remote rc controlled Lawn Mower.
Get it now on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1fCSjVb

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paytontech says:

LOVE the track mower! I sooo want want one. 

G00gleable says:

How much did you pay for this junk?

Joseph Smith says:

Ultimate fathers day gift  

Sandra Springer says:

the amazon link shows a push mower?

AppFzx says:

Thumbs down for false advertisement thumbnail pic. Truth is your mower is awesome for sure but that’s overshadowed by the lie.

Del Lawrence says:

Do yall make a “home defence” model fitted with AR 15s?

Sky1 says:

Looks like a Terminator T1, Can you mount firearms on it?

RakinBill says:

Link to site is invalid, and no longer exists.
Awesome video, and I love the track mower.

joe-hoarybat says:

This may be the only way to get your typical video game addicted teenager to mow the lawn for his dad!

riphaven says:

If I ever get a job mower the grass in a mine field you’ll be on the top of my list to call.


Is summit out of business? I cant get on their site.

Soaring Blade Games says:

couple adjustments and you got a perfect Battle Bot

shane goldburn says:

Maybe spikes in the tracks will help with traction  but then it wouldn’t be a very safe toy.

Stupid Fast RC says:

I really liked your clip. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

sam rominski says:

awesome coolest rc mower ignore the haters

The Dreaded Menace (jaye wolf) says:

looks like a mini tank

King Matt says:

Lazy people problems

Kaladan Production says:

what is the point of having robotic mower if you need to use remote control?

Travis Kimbrell says:

Neat. but…….you COULD spend $6000-$13,000 on one of these RC mowers OR you could buy a few electronic parts off Amazon, an old power chair, and a pushmower and build one for less than $500. This isn’t rocket science, a few minutes on Google and anyone can build one. I’m building one right now and I have less than $350 total in parts

Guy Barnett says:

All I have to say is awesome!

evidencebased1 says:

So now can mow lawns in war zones and lawns of  suspected of terrorist bombers.

my pitbull82 says:


Marcelino Fritz says:


Brent Hill says:

Summit website gone or down.


what’s the price on one of these ?

Kevin K-man says:

That is cool

Marcelino Fritz says:

for a toy is okay, but professional? You are kidding me . Please go to hell.

nipple kripple says:

No that fast really… I mean, it’s cool, I want one, and at least you can stay in the shade.. But seriously, I think I’ll stick to a normal pushy.. It looks hard to steer too.. Bit of a shitty job really….

Brandon Snow says:

sell to me.  now.  now i say

RC HPI_Savage says:

Love the idea, don’t get discouraged by idiots commenting all negative comments… i don’t think they have ever made anything interesting in their lives…. keep it up…

jeff fantini says:

piece of shit thing cant even mow 2” of grass,dont plan on mass production mate

camaroiowaguy23 says:

yea false advertisement with the race car lookin thing.. why do yall put up thumbnail pics of shit that the vid aint even about. lame

Sky1 says:

Best thing about this is NO TICKS on you!

Ben Dover says:

I would run someone over with it.

armenvegas says:

track mower rocks!

Garrett Williams says:

I was about to buy a riding mower until this video reminded me that robotic mowers exist, and around the same price. Will probably still get the riding mower for the versatility and vast repair options, but an automated mower is definitely tempting now that I think of it.

Flynn3778 says:

I only clicked on the video because of the thumbnail showing a cool mower. Waste of time. It’s a shitty way to get clicks.

Andrew Bright says:

that is so sick man if i had the money i wuld by one with the tracks but i hit the sub and liked

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