RC Mini Car Comparison – Coke Can Car vs Grenade Car

Links to purchase:
Coke Can Car ($7) – http://www.banggood.com/Coke-Can-Mini-RC-Radio-Remote-Control-Micro-Racing-Car-p-986511.html?p=Z431161082112012126P
Grenade Car ($13) – http://amzn.to/2iBcA9Q

This is a comparison review of two different all-in-one mini RC cars, the Coke Can Car and the Grenade Car. They are very comparable in nearly every way, though the Grenade Car is 50% more expensive. I think it is the more enjoyable car to drive though. What do you think?

-Flyin’ Ryan

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TheCoolStuffHD says:

Do you/anyone remember the Zip-Zaps mini RC cars they used to sell at RadioShack?? Those were cool!!

عزيز كركر says:


Jordan Michaud says:

That’s pretty cool

Diandre Hudson says:

The controller looks like a Gameboy Micro

JBspotting says:

So is the mini can of coke car the cheapest RC car there is?

adrian alex says:

ok no problem

emstahthaey says:

>>>when you gotta pass the word count requirement
“racing pylons”

Nazzyz Gaming says:

I got my Coke can car at navy pier for $12 and works perfectly. The lights are white, the connection is perfect, super fun

just drew says:

how much does this cost

Crazy GuNs says:

You should have gotten the Shen queen wei car on amazon it is amazing when fully charged it goes fast here’s the link https://www.amazon.com/Remote-Controlled-Racing-Lingts-Random/dp/B018EU834W/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1475673613&sr=8-4&keywords=coke+can+rc+car

Thomas Shadick says:

They are table top cars!!!!!!!! No

Hunter Truth says:

I had one like 20 years ago. You could change out wheels,tires and engine’s. Anyone know where to get one like that today. My kids would love it

kim Gii says:

Bit Char G is Better

ezegonz 456 says:

yours has only 27 mhz and i have the same one and it has 40

Owen Houghton says:

This helped me A LOT

BrodePI says:

the range is short because the transmitter sends a signal out at 27 mhz

채건희 says:


Nikhil WR says:

Can you give a link for buying it in India

Tigerwolf102 Minecraft and more says:

actually the coke can cars are now super hard to find where you can select your color

Wolf says:

i guess changing the wheels on the grenade car isn’t possible



Russo069 says:

the solution for the distance Problem : keep away your fingers from the antenna
but the reach is still not impressiv
and if you look inside your car you will find out that there is just only one brake light 😉

Jadon Galaty says:

my can car was not like this>

adrian alex says:

when u bought the RC car did u only get one piece or more (one remote)

Julian Catano says:

do you guys know any models and color that’s is the best for the coke can car

Esben Solgaard says:

If you´re a grown up man you gotta have one of these.

Drake Turner says:

Where do you get those and how much??????

magpiefrog from says:

The coke can cars, I have no issues with the distance in my kitchen that has more floor space than yours. Did you put new batteries into the controller? I gave one car to my grand kid 3yrs old and his mum drove it down his toy garage cool. a match box size car that you can control. In the UK I order them for £3.79p each about $5.00, man I spend that of an evening on cider LoL. They are what they are cheep and a bit of fun. LoL X

Shelda Renters says:



Lmao cocaine car ?JK JK

Kenneth Wang says:

Do you know of any mods I could do to the coke can transmitter to have different speeds and angles of wheels? What frequency does the cars run at?

Matthew Tran says:

Hey I fixed the “torque” for the unequal turn radius!! 😀 the axel on the left side is vertically loose, so I shoved a piece of foam plate in and libued it. Now it turns on a dime to both sides.

I concur with the range, however i get better range with coke can cars when I sit on the ground while I run the car; it gets me about 12ft at most.


can you please compare hotwheels mini nitro
speeder and other mini pocket RC car

Mat Hiosa says:

The “Cocaine-car” Yup now we’re talking.

rdc sp says:

just my opinion he got a faulty can car I drive mine from 20 feet away all the time. but who knows

Tappa Tappa says:

Omg a grenade ….. now cops are going to terrified of this , and target kids as terrorists ….. bad idea !

Mr.smily pug says:

i bought one on amazon the granade car

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