RC Bandito review! – GTA Online guides

In this video I take a look at the RC Bandito a radio controlled car added as part of the Arena war DLC in GTA Online and see if it’s any good or not!

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lasangna series says:

1.6 million rc car ur point

Elite GamingWolf says:

shit man thats alot of money, and i thought the rc trucks my cousin showed me were expensive. 1000 dollars aint noting compared to 2 million and something (if you upgrade it)

William says:

GTA is pretty much screwed to the max. When they added alien weapons and insanely weaponized vehicles we all knew it was over from there.

Z0MG H4X says:

Players: Rockstar plz nerf Oppressor MKII!
Rockstar: Add an even more broken vehicle? New vehicle: RC car that makes you invincible and can explode at will!

Mad Guy says:

Where do you spawn after “exiting” the rc?

QUiRkS AnD FeATrUeS says:

Castle powered?

Grand Zeno says:

Rockstar is stupid for making a RC car that broken

Das Stackenblochen says:

It completely breaks GTA Online… in a good way!

Ernesto Lone Wolf says:

waas that a reference to the golden elegy retro duplication glitches that have been going on in gta online only since like the beginning of GTA online? NICE ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pennsylvania Railroad says:

Way to expensive

Doom Dom10 says:

This is the best car when hunted for a bounty but if your in a normal car and they have the rc bandito with the explosives is impossible to escape 8/10

Menace _ says:

Gotta love rockstar bruh. They come up with the most retarded bullshit I’ve ever seen. First a flyin Motorcycle, NOW THIS? I’ve faced 3 tryhard kd warriors with these already. They’re so fucking annoying. They just use this car to get a free kill cuz they suck balls at the game. Then when they have a timer they go passive. Idk how y’all pussies have fun playin like this

Harms Hyper says:

I’ve already gotten killed like 30 times with this

rng big boy bazza says:


Super Ryder says:

shite, waste of cash really cos cant do much but drive

WORLDSTAR dance says:

you forgot to test the orbital cannon with it

Average Lad says:

1.6mil for a rc car.. fuck right off

Nightmare Fuel says:

And on this edition of why I don’t play public lobbies

The Jellyfish Jam says:

At least it cant fly.

Super Ryder says:

who got bogdan? join gamer tag

Jay C says:

There was a real rc truck called the Tyco Bandit. It did killer wheelies at 15 mph but only on concrete.

Lavadevil3000 The Demon says:

Can u pick up crates or packages with it?

InFaMuS JaSoN says:

RC bandito vs Black ops 1 RC Car


S says:

$1.6M.? Looks almost as useless as the drone available from terrorbyte

blindwatchman0722 says:

At this point, I kinda enjoy seeing all the crazy stuff they’re putting in GTAO. It feels like they’re starting to focus more on fun now. Still want all of your money, but they want you to have a very small amount of fun all the while

kingofatlantistv says:

Meh get it

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