RC ADVENTURES – TRAXXAS XO-1 4WD Super Car – Unboxing

Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU – 1080p HD for Maximum RC Eye Candy! What a beauty, this RC super car is stunning to look at. No driving in this video – only because there has been a severe flood in my city.. and everything is underwater. My wife and I are OK.. as our homes are above the waterline. But, even in a state of emergency – its good to keep busy and still try to have fun! Since we are Safe and Sound from the flood waters – I figure why not film an up close look at my new 4×4 Traxxas XO-1 SUPER CAR!

Here is some information from the Traxxas Site about this amazing rig.



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merinessa ampatuan says:

Please gift that to me pleasebecause it is so cool

Mohammad Mohad says:

Best car ever

Monster jam Classics says:

wow cool car

Bhaskaran M says:

why u people’s always showing the internal machine

Emilia Gajewska says:

fing use this thing

José emerson Batista says:

falei portugues

Drennie White says:


roblox gamerz4 says:

oh yeah just be safe that car can cause injury or even death to a human

Spud ly says:

You’re Racer X. I don’t like the sweat over 100mph.

SEee Ladadading says:

4:15 no you dont, you need earo dynamic

arlene janda says:

were do you live not addres only coutry and store i want one

Monster jam Classics says:

Is it gas

Monster jam Classics says:

do you have a xmaxx

Team 2 says:

Its not TQ-1 It’s TQ-i

All in one says:

Car is bad

Lucas R says:

Good luck to you ok with the second video

Rabbit 79 says:

Wow that is so cool how much does it weigh

john collins says:

Do these cars come with batteries?

Anand rocks study, entertainment and fun fun says:

what is the remote control range of this car

Sonu Kumar says:

Sony kumar

Quinsy Sanches says:

Please gif the car to me

pradip shinde says:

Good car

austin Weston says:

There expensive

Elizabeth Armstrong says:

your crazy

Amandawalker2491 Samsung1a says:

love it

Money Pit RC says:

Hey guys I’m I just started a new channel plz go and watch the videos and subscribe for more

haris akram says:


barbara jane papiliren says:

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I live in Malaysia.
Will they deliver here?
Can i send it back for repair?
Can i but any type of rc’s?



Bijoy Devassy says:

I like the car I need the video of monster car

Brody McDonald says:

What web site

Craig Foster says:


Free Music Downloader - All Music says:

Good Job 😉

Ry the Fry guy says:

Pm hobby craft is my too I live in Calgary

Zoli Pesti says:

I live in Lethbridge

ThatsMyRc says:

Nice bro I am looking into pulling the trigger on one of these. Is it totally worth the coin? Not needing to do 100mph but nice to know if I want too lol

Joshua Coley says:

Awesome man! woohoo!

Dalton Avery says:

the doors look like progen T20 off GTA V

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