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On our channel we primarily feature hobby grade RC vehicles, but we know good toy grade vehicles need some love too. This time we have a radio control car that hovers the line between toy grade and hobby grade RC. The LaTrax Rally is a 1/18-scale electric ready to run on-road car that has the price of a toy grade RC car, but has a lot of features of the hobby grade side of RC. This car is fast, fun and super easy to use. The great part beyond its quality materials, is that if you do manage to break something, repair parts are available; where with toy grade RC, you can’t repair it. Looking for a toy RC, but want the benefits of hobby grade, the Latrax brand of cars delivers. Check out our unboxing, overview, running and performance review of the LaTrax Rally.

Product: Rally
By: LaTrax
Part Number: 75054-5
Price Range: $109.99-$119 (depending on purchase location)

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Dilllon Partridge says:

i got mine on the 30 of December 2017

James Cooper says:

I had the desert prerunner the motor and servo broke after a week


I subscribed

Pheanox Apex says:

I myself are a off road person so I bought a 1:16 scale traxxas summit

Da Cyan Gamer Boy says:

Km/h idk is it

Nicholas Salapoutis says:

could i drive this in my basement

carlos santos says:

It is a on road car

Maximus Lockhart says:

I’ve driven the latrax sst and of the 3 it’s really not very good, it’s really really fast, it has no traction at all on road and is top heavy, also idk if it was just my friend being a beginner or what but the thing had no durability at all, it would break left and right and it was not just him being bad at driving, rather the thing was freaking hard to drive, so after that I’ve allways been turned away from latrax, and for thier price, it’s really practly worth it to get a brushless dromida, I have thier monster truck which you’ve reviewed and I absolutely love it, the thing does have some issues, specifically the stock wheels are really really prone to breaking so upgrading to a wheel with a 12mm hex is really a good upgrade for it and some drive train upgrades for the power it has and then your ready to go and land freaking dubble back flip’s! But as a beginner the latrax rally looks great.

Bluey says:

So Latrax is an add on of Traxxas?

KAH231100 says:

I had one Latrax upgraded brushless

Lodosj 2910 says:

How long can you drive it? The runtime?

Junk RC says:

You should replace the steering servo with a more durable one first, because mine stripped out in a week, even after I got the replacement from traxxas.

Darren Lyon says:

Have you ever driven a WLToys 12428? High end toy, low end hobby grade. It has full parts support and aluminum upgrade parts. Rides on full bearings and splash proof.

KaYoTiiC 504 Louisi-Arrma says:

I bought 2 of these almost brand new at a garage sale for $120, also got 2 unopened bodies ready to be customized, a tool box full of parts I can use on all my Traxxas cars, several batteries I can also use in my 1/16 scale E-Revo which I got on Craigslist for $75 lol… Also got 2 Baja q32 HPI Racing tiny tiny RC Cars which are maaaaaaaaaad fun btw and last but not least a dual Onyx 245 with tons of attachments for different batteries and balancing I guess. I already have the Traxxas EZ-PEAK dual charger. I found the Onyx to be a little easier to use. Which charger should I keep of the 2?

Christopher Colquhoun says:

Redcat Volcano 1/18 V2 way better.

Noeys FastRC says:

Nice car I’ve been thinking about getting one myself.

Jesse V says:

Nice video , I’ve owned a rally & a Teton which is the larger truck version. I loved the Teton but my rally I could never get it to track straight. I rebuild the whole steering system everything but not really any better. The other thing with mine was if your a fan of hard of the line acceleration or stop & go action my front diff keept stripping out. I liked the rally a lot except the plastic diff gear. I overall prefer the Teton myself just my opinions Great video

Jumpstart rc says:

I put a castle mamba micro in it and it Flys used the metal gears plus spools

The Traxxas Kid says:

I’ve got to get one of these. Great vid!

kjd15328va says:

Dromidas are better imo, but both seem good

Dilllon Partridge says:

quite fast

James Cooper says:

it’s a standard tq transmitter

Donald Byrd says:

Great video on the LaTrax, me personally I use veh’s such as this for my wife. THe issue that I have is the size of my digits are a negative when working on such veh’s. On another subject I am glad you’ve taken my suggestions on the hat and that you have held off from the toy grade rc’s. Looking back on the vids when you started you appear to be more comfy with the youtuber that you wanted to be. Congrats

Jamy O'Neel says:

you should pick up a tacon ranger and make content

JohnieDSM says:

What is the external size (with body) of this nice car – width. length, heigh? Thanks

Tim Ocovich says:

Are the AA not included, they were in mine. Picked up mine yesterday.

Eric Rhodes says:

Reminds me of my Dromida rally cars. I’ve got three so I can race with my son and friends. They are a blast to drive when all you have is on road terrain or a smaller indoor course.

Outdoors In Minnesota says:

2s compatible?

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