Power Wheels style RC Jaguar F-Type kiddie car review

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2 kids riding: 0:15
range test in park: 1:10
walkaround review: 2:53
steering with Remote: 4:48
radio tuning: 5:45
driving with remote: 8:45
turning circle: 9:50
detailed photos: 10:18

General info: There are two versions of this car, the “basic” one with colored plastic body (red, white or orange), silver wheels and hard plastic seat for ~$250 and the “optioned up” with painted body (metallic red, black or champagne), black wheels and stitched, padded vinyl seat for ~$290. Be aware that as awesome as the painted one looks, scratches will be more visible and you’ll see white plastic under the paint!

We’ve had the higher spec one for almost 3 weeks and 4 battery charges. Overall it’s a great little machine, hope it lasts a few years!

Special mention to the Amazon seller “BigToysDirect”. I emailed them a question and was called back 30 minutes later. There was a small issue and they went above and beyond to remedy it. Great job BTD!

Simply gorgeous car! Amazing paint job, great seat, firm rubber tires, cool chrome-finish quad exhaust, nicely detailed headlights and taillights, decent RC range, neat features on the dashboard (MP3 and FM radio, see video for instructions), volt meter to see how much juice is left in the battery (~13.4V at rest, fully charged and ~12.4V under load on level ground. Don’t be surprised to see this dip to well under 12V going up any kind of incline). Real metal key, opening doors and trunk. 3 forward speeds changeable via remote (approx. 3, 4 and 5mph).
Switch on dash for “manual” i.e. full kid control or “RC” mode that disables the throttle pedal and lets the parent steer via remote, but the kid can still overrule steering inputs if they yank on the steering wheel. Be warned, this switch is very easy for the kid to reach…
The car is clearly meant for one child but we squeezed two 20 months old inside and it drove just fine. See video.

– Steering via remote is an imprecise affair. It’s not “proportional” like RC cars; a very brief tap of the left/right button moves the front wheels ~1/2 way between (roughly) straight ahead and full lock. Keeping it on a narrow sidewalk requires constant attention and button tapping.
– 7AH battery doesn’t hold voltage as well as I’d like under load. Longest we’ve driven it is ~30 minutes and it was still going like it did with a full charge, it just doesn’t seem like the battery can supply enough juice. Any kind of uphill slope will REALLY tax the system. I may swap out the stock battery for a 12AH one, which should fit in compartment under seat without much trouble and provide more amps under load.
– harsh “braking” when you release the throttle. Very strong and sudden! Think they’re pretty much all like this, but one benefit of the hard plastic tires on Power Wheels is that they’d slip a bit and not grip hard like the Jag’s rubber tires.
– front axle hubs and steering linkage are all plastic and not very precise. I shimmed out the axles behind the cotter pin with 2 additional 12M washers from Home Depot, and added one more each on the axle inside of the rim to almost eliminate in/out slop in the wheel.
– dual motors sound like their straining quite hard accelerating even on level ground. The grease inside the 2 gearboxes is probably not very good will probably clean them out and put in good plastic-gear grease.
– To use the FM radio you have to scan the whole spectrum (hold “play” button 3 seconds in radio mode), which the sets station presets. Great, except turning off the key erases all presets! So each time you must rescan which takes about a minute.
– seatbelts are poorly positioned and way too big for a normal sized kid. Shoulder belts slip off the shoulders and are a pain to clip in. But it’s easy to take the seat off, remove the shoulder belts, shorten the other three (cut 2” off each end of the lap belt and 2-3” off the crotch belt), and move the lap belt anchor points back ~3”. Big improvement.
– windshield plastic was a pretty scratched up on mine new from the box. Plastic polish helped a lot, looks almost perfect now.
– brake calipers spin around with the wheels. I know it would be way too expensive to have accurate discs and calipers, but I’d rather not have calipers at all (not to mention wishing the rims were silver). I may paint the “discs” and calipers silver, they wouldn’t stand out as much then when moving.
– it’s an F-Type not an E-Type 😉

All niggles are fairly small, for less than $300 this is an amazing toy with lots of possibilities for modding or just leaving stock. Very nice to have RC for younger children that aren’t ready to take the controls themselves but still love cars.

I have not been paid or in any way compensated for this review.
I purchased this at full price ($289) from: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FPUYRMG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


X9Cruzito4X says:

How many kids fit in the car ? Do they have enough space to sit ?

EVO101 says:

Just bought this today (9-16-17)

casey huelitl says:

where did you buy this ride on? if you can let me know please and thanks

Juris Franchenko says:

LOL its RC so still a toy for you that you kinda bought for kid.

Chewie Mantou says:

Look very nice, beside the speaker and paint job on the bottom is there more additional upgrade you applied to it? Also did you solved the dipping of the volt going up hills? or small incline? Appreciate the video. Kind regards, Q

Alec's Garage says:

way coooool

Daniella Ochoa says:

awesome review!!! thank you

kingofhearts1809 says:

@Kedelbach hi I’ve bought this car for my son and have put it together but I think I may have a problem with my battery as no charging light or anything appears when it is plugged in, can you help? What should happen on the car when it is plugged in to charge?

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