Parrot Jumping Sumo Review, Finally an RC Toy That Jumps Like Crazy

Parrot Jumping Sumo Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the Parrot Jumpin Sumo from the Parrot MiniDrone line. We know the Jumping Sumo has been out for a while, but it is so much fun, we just had to do a review.

The Parrot Jumping Sumo Sells for $149 on Amazon –

Here are the key features of the Jumping Sumo –
* Jumps over 2.5 feet high and always falls back on its wheels
* Faultless directional stability with embedded technology that ensures perfectly straight paths and extreme turns
* FreeFlight 3 app offers an intuitive control from your smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi and is free
* Swipe for perfect turns and hit predefined buttons for acrobatics like spins or jumps
* Equipped with a wide angle camera that streams live immersive views on the piloting screen
* Road plan mode to program a sequence of tricks and sounds to express mood
* Lithium-Polymer battery, rechargeable and removable, lasts up to 20 minutes and full recharge in 1 hour

The real thrill with the Jumping Sumo is that it jumps close to 3 feet high. We also loved how you could program it with the Road Map.

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review of the Jumping Sumo.


UltraGoji209 says:

I have one and the flying one

Babangida Omolos says:

where can i get these micro usb sticks? looked all over!..
that’s pretty shoddy design there

Michael Froese says:

Mine came with foam tires

TerraDon says:

Use a screen recorder

virus 39 says:

why cant i have the road map on android

5Kaligula says:

mine dosn’t jump

mongoose404 says:

I want that with a headcrab hat on it. Beware neighbours!

haran sugahfoot sanders says:

robo savage

echokaminari777 says:

wow i love this toy in wartime very useful as a mine locator or even a flashbang or grenade launcher if improve with kinect on the front can be used as motion detection yeah safety is more guarantee why because the soldier are the heroes and i love em ^_^

rcfanaticdublin says:

parrot rc stuff sucks egg’s!!!…bought a BeBop it’s crap!!!

InvenTech says:

Guys there is a small prob sometimes it won’t jump

Don Mega says:

but can you spin manually and press the jump button at same time? or be driving forward and execute a jump in speed? if not, then this is the problem cos those predefined motions are not truly a great user experience.

like show says:

cara, q merda esse negocio

Vivaan Gulati says:

So Good

Vinh K says:

they are so playful and funny lol 🙂

WellDressedLadd -_- says:

how do i make my wheels spread out or go in??

Ethereum says:

When I turn it on its lights turn green but the lights Blink and it turns off do you know what to do because it won’t even let me use it

AestheticDelta says:

So if you are out at the park and no access to wifi, you cant operate it?

jdawg1606 says:

what are the extra pieces in the box for

jacob kehoe says:

what kind of surfaces can it go on?

vidfreak727 says:

I want one! I’ll have to get one from best buy!

Don Huynh says:

Hey, can this drone record sound and video at the same time?

WellDressedLadd -_- says:

i just got this for christmas anyone else?

josie lucchesi says:

this is crap

Pabloo Torres says:

Name of the app?

Logan Moeller says:

Did anyone think of the rainbow six siege drone

UneasyCashew8 gaynor says:

With the recording you can get a micro usb and a normal usb in one so u can record and look at it through your computer

Alex Savage says:

Watch Dogs 2 anyone?

CrekA says:

my dad ordered this today 😀

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