Ozzy Man Reviews: Remote Control Car Championship

Amazing scenes we’re witnessing here today at the remote control car championship in Taiwan. Follow me 2ND YOUTUBE channel ya legends: https://www.youtube.com/ozzymanspodcast

Source video is via Taiwan Scale Adventures here: https://www.facebook.com/TaiwnScaleAdventures/videos/359561971235797/ fuck yes, that was as good as a marble race I reckon.


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Manuel Robledo says:

“Hold on to your dicks ladies and gents” best Ozzy Man sentence so far

kaito kid says:

Looks like Asians can’t drive even when it’s RC car..

Mohammed Zahidur Rahman says:

I like these reviews by Ozzy man..keep it up man..

Raymond Mucklow says:

Bumpy shit yeees!

Behrwulf Odhinsson says:


NotaRubicon Productions says:

“Toyota” there’s the problem right there!

Eaton Beaver says:

Great videos. Hilarious stuff.

Blake Cantos says:

That giant!!! Hahahaha

Bruce Banner says:

This kind of bullshit is why we bombed Hiroshima

Cupcake Juggernaut says:

What happened to the logo?

Jast says:

So many bumpy shits

Socklips says:

Now if they’d only drive this well on the expressway..

Bananasawr says:

Nobody gonna talk about his croc/converse hybrids?

Brayden A says:

” AH SHIT hold onto your dicks everyone”

BravoTwoZero Sadek says:

“I was part of the crew that took out Saruman!”
I know this is a different video but who else agrees that that was one of the most Legendary OzzyMan moments?

Rebel- Mode says:

Ozzy Man video. You have my undivided attention

Red Alexander says:

The giant is a cunt, but a fair cunt.

Andrija Samodol says:

that suspension, though… impressive

joshimawashi says:

I wish that giant bailed me out of my last car accident!!!

Martin van Weperen says:

Pick up not a ute

MetaDecker says:

Makes me want a $650 RC truck

Matthew Mackenzie says:

I unsubscribed because of this video

Haris Khan says:

Hold onto your Dicks.. LADIES AND GENTS..

salsag4 says:

Ozzy “over some bumpy shit” Man

Charles Lucas says:

Hello ozzyman…!! Love from India

Vvvb Mm says:

Ozzy man please do review some funny road accidents

Trey Gowdy says:

When you are a winner AND a loser at the same time….

池たくみ says:

Where is your avatar mate

Definitely Not Cheddars Slave says:

he’s gonna be a really good commentator for ksi and logan paul’s boxing match

Teebs says:

Just punch it ya bloody wanker!!

StephenRahrig says:

This looks absolutely fun as fuck. Damn Asians

the first KMan says:

It’s ironic because the driver is Asian

Marc Albert says:

Ozzy Man please review E3 there’s so much cringy shit !

Ron Ventura says:

Treebeard!!!! Hahaha. You said it, and then I could see it!

lacrosse782 says:

That’s actually impressive!

Dexter2187 says:

Reckon this might be better than formula one that driver might need a beer

Official Banana says:


JCD says:

All jokes aside, this IS in fact pretty hard to do. But if you can change the sensitivity of the controls you can pull this off. Not with your Nikko out of toy-s-where-are-u stores.

Trey Gowdy says:

And how much time did it take to set up that obstacle course…..


Hold on to ur dicks ladies and gents

ishtar0077 says:

I need video of Rats cuddling asap

rashard D'Auvergne says:

Dont be hating on the rc rides

curtysven says:

Thank you for giving me something else to watch for the next month…..gdmit

Connor Southern says:

I can’t wait for Trump Kim summit commentary

Tips for Healthy Life says:

Giant help 🙂

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