Optibotimus Reviews: Mattel Justice League ULTIMATE Justice League Remote Control BATMOBILE

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Mattel Justice League ULTIMATE Justice League Remote Control BATMOBILE Video Review


Vibe Wave says:

Is your cat named Luna because of Sailor Moon?

Randy TDA Prime says:

I just saw a Camaro outside

ToysofArkham says:

I’m waiting for the Hot Toys version

joachim * says:

I guess its not bad considering the price, Im still waiting for mine in Australia. but like other hobbyist I am a little ( others are other disgusted ), disappointed over the difference between this and the prototype….if you thinking this is outstanding, the one presented by the designer..was the one that said BUY me!…I would n’t have bought this if he showed the production model…not as much detail..no steel suspensions…and I am a RC car fan…we are into suspension jumps and all these rugged..i wish there were a race version of batmobile in the hobby market. tearing up rough terrain and jumps..not sure if that were possible , but it will sure cost a lot more!….I was also attracted by the oil..the designer said you can get replacement from RC car shop..and i found that I can also do the same for 1/10 RC cars, fit a exhaust with engine sound simulator that give smoke!…still all in all price is good..as smoke simulator in the RC world cost $50, Light LED can vary but maybe $50 ( AUD) and good engine sound simulator can cost $100.( you can change sound, download etc) , thats why I forgive Mattel given the price

trekguy31 says:

I do like the design and all the cool functions. I think the battery should be underneath and quickly ejected like most RC cars but its bad ass. I will say that Im getting tired of all this new tech being dependent on downloaded apps. What would have been better is a dedicated remote shaped like a Batarang etc.

Gary Tabar Jr. says:

Just got mine today and love it! Best buy will price match Walmart and Amazon plus give you low holiday sales price protection until Jan 10th. Mine was $221, and I used a $65 reward card to get it down to $164 or so. Ours was missing two screws and compression washers for one of the back fins you put on, and Mattel doesn’t have replacement parts yet so they are sending me a $25 gift card.

Question : How did you record the car camera video? I *really* wish is saved the video itself. Also, do you know what the video resolution is?

Rice Bowl says:

How much is this?

Roger Franklin says:

When is this suppose to land?

Jon Deak says:

This is Number 1 On My Christmas Wishlist! Great Review Paul!

J.Jesús Gutiérrez Castillo says:

Excuse me, where can I buy it? Thank you.

Jacob Geshel says:

Damn, Mattel really went all out with this thing. Expensive, but for what it is I’d say it’s worth it, especialy considering it looks good even as a display piece.

TheDuke013 says:

Where was this 30 years ago. A bit expensive, but it is so Worth it.

3D Printwiz says:

I want one and I just hope that the body should have some battle damage. I have an off topic question though, Batman vs. Iron Man, who would win?

Ard Lazaro says:

Great review! Im amazed how you hold your camera and control the batmobile at the same time.

starscream7755 says:

The smoke was a little underwhelming but otherwise pretty awesome! I’d love to see the tumbler made into something this detailed. Maybe even have the left side shoot out into the bike that’d be awesome.

Brad Mull says:

Wow nice one. I can’t believe they’ve brought back the smoke feature. I haven’t seen that since Kendel caterpillar vehicles in the early 90’s. the “liquid” is just wow I machine oil, you can get it everywhere.
Are the tyres rubber or plastic?
Don’t get it too close to bee there may be a fight.
Someone on you street has a FJ cruiser? Ask them if thiers is a full guzzler as well lol

alvin convoy says:

Whose bumblebee is that on the road?

Bradley Clark says:

Does the bottle for the liquid smoke have the ingredients needed to make the solution?

Alec Aquino says:

Do you know Shartimus Prime?

Adam Gormley says:

Noice video mate

Dan tdm says:


thespaceram2 says:

I wouldn’t give it anymore test drives. if you want to avoid scratches ,and dents later.

DeralTGM says:

i think i know what i will ask with christmas :O

YourUserNameSucksx10 says:

I think I rather buy it to display then to play. S.H.Figuarts or mezco batman

roguecajun says:

You should be able to get smoke liquid at a hobby store. Anywhere that sells high end rc cars or high end model trains.

Elijah Sheridan says:

8:07 what was the bell sound?

Maria Virnalisi Busmente says:

Are you a bat man fan

Brian Bischel says:

Pretty cool

supermanguy1214 says:

I watched many reviews of this beast on YouTube before I found yours man and when I saw you had put up a review I had to see what you said about it and yours is without a doubt the best review on YouTube and thank you so much for showing that the box can be a display base and showing how the battery goes no Other reviewer did that!

Abhimanyu Rathod says:

The best rc vehicle ever

Daniel Garcia says:

gracias compi por otra gran review!!

An Enginerd says:

Can you remove the canopy completely?

Lester John Fajemolin says:

are the wheels rubber? and how far can the signal stretch??

J.Jesús Gutiérrez Castillo says:

I live in Mexico City, where can I buy it?

Leo Machado says:

I’d give you a million likes, man! This is beyond phenomenal!

khoa vo says:

So much for no “guns” policy

Ian zhuang says:

really cool

Eugene Jonathan says:

i was wondering if my mezco one:12 can fit in the cockpit

wolkaiser drake says:

for those like myself with out a “smart” device, this thing would just be a big expensive display piece, the lack of an ACTUAL controller is a rather large negative, also, thinking years down the line, if people in the future want to mess around with this, chances are the app wont even be available, or supported

Randomers TV says:

His “hiands”

Baron Of Hell says:

I have one coming in today.

Clarence John G. Belza says:

Optibotimus… why dont you have the other chituary warrior, the commander with diff armor? Id like to see that w/ your collection. Btw love the content and your vids. Pls do a tour

Willie Kaufhold says:

How much ,what’s the price.

Akumaru Zilla says:


Toy Man 1976 says:

Great review Paul!!! This thing is awesome!!!

Danny Hidalgo says:

What replacement battery would you recommend?

qwe6348 says:

How much does it retail for??

Rayne Kraven says:

sooo…. the only way you can play with this is with an app and a phone…. whatever happenned to the good old remote control??

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