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The Coke Can RC Car is a fast, good looking, tiny rc car. It’s a perfect low cost gift for kids and adults. Charging is done through the remote control and it only takes a few minutes to fully charge and runs for about 8 minutes. It has two white LED lights in the front that turn on when you go forward and a red light in the back that turns on when you reverse. There is a trim tab on the bottom of the car that you can adjust to make the car to straight.

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The speed is fast but not too fast to the point where it’s flipping over in a turn. It comes with 4 traffic cones so you can customize your own race track. Tip: double stick tape will keep your cones from being knocked over by passing cars. Each car has it’s own frequency, which means you can race other cars at the same time without interference.

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Price! Less than $20
Most cats and dogs love it
Great gift idea or stocking stuffer
Rubber tires provide good traction
Race more than one car at a time

The remote distance is only around 10 – 15 feet (make sure to pull out the antenna on the remote)
Steering is all or none. There’s no variable speed or turning.
Surface must be flat and smooth. Will not run on carpet.


The QueensConquerer says:

There are so many models of this car eg. Shen Qi Wei, Wltoys, which is the bestm

TheEnragedGamer says:

What kind of cat is the white brown and black one

Paul J says:

I just bought one looks like a blast in the house on crappy days.

Milo Legends says:

Does it break easily / Will the stuff work though? Seems as if it is not very … good quality

Tony Bend says:

cutie little car

Alessio Tasco says:

this is the best 2015 video!!! cats make it perfect

The Answers Boss says:

I had one then it broke

MEH NAME says:

I got batteries in my remote but it only flashes red , no orange or green like in the vid and car won’t move. Have antenna in and car switched on any ideas?

MishIshPee ! says:

Your going to have to remove the cats because your getting views on dumb animals

Jake Murray says:

for its size its quite fast haha

MishIshPee ! says:

Do a review on the super cub

Shaaneil Joshua says:

haha i like that freaking car so fast ang small and cute and cheap and #MINIRC CAR

AVA Magnetic Levitation says:

Hello Worlds fastest Coke Can Car and how to vid out now.Watch vid ( Coke Can Cars Mad Mods ) to see Coke can drag car doing 00:77 sec over 2 meters standing start. WOWAdam VA of AVA Magnetic Levitation AUS

GAproductions says:

the cats were entertaining lol

beast gammer says:

do a review of rc Carr in a grenade

Kronickillness Nikolaos says:

How do you change 1 from 27mhz to 40mhz or anything else so my daughter n i can race together lol. also our lights back n front dont work for either car sadly.

Tony Bend says:


Shanthimathi Vijjaykanth says:

Wow but where did you get the RC car

spideral boss says:

How do u put the batteries jn

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