Mario Kart 8 Anti-Gravity R/C Racer Toy Review – Remote Control Transforming Car from Jakks Pacific

Mario Kart 8 Anti-Gravity Racer Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the Mario Kart Anti-Gravity R/C Racer. This is a cool 2.4 Ghz remote control car that has wheels that flip down into an anti-gravity racer mode.

World of Nintendo Mario Kart 8 R/C Racer Anti-Gravity Toy Sells for $99 –

Race all around with the Mario Kart remote controlled RC! Spend hours of fun with this fast paced Nintendo Racer! Transform the wheels into anti gravity mode to drift around corners and perform special tricks.

* Full function 2.4 Ghz RC
* Up to 100′ range
* Transform into “anti gravity” mode for awesome drifts and tricks
* Authentic Nintendo Mario Kart with Mario in the drivers seat
* Full function in 2 driving modes
* Requires 6 C Batteries and 4 AA Batteries

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Mehry Martaín says:

is luigi cart available?

Sonic Gamer 123 says:

That looks funny

cedrik says:


TheCaptainOfGaming says:

How fast does it go in mph?

Indiana Championship Wrestling says:

How long does it take for the remote to sync to the car? My controller light keeps flashing

MediaFreak97 says:

I got one for $15 at goodwill today in the box

Silvia Zamora says:

my sons car stopped working rhe second day we got it… the remote light flashes and the cart wont go 🙁 any advice??

702pow says:

When did they switch it from c to all a batteries??? Mine takes 6 AA batteries and 2 in the remote

Nick 626_4life says:

I thought it was small for awhile lol

Ni5ei says:

Awesome! I want one 🙂
Too bad they made the belts that drive the wheels this ugly green color. If they’d made them black you would hardly see them.

adrian chavez says:

i love your vids their awesome

Damon Trostel says:

Could you please explain how I charge this thing ? It has the little wire coming out of the control but I can’t figure out if I leave the remote on and the car off while charging or what ? And it doesn’t say on the instructions which I thought was strange .

Nate the Great 44 says:


Pantelis Triantafillou says:

could you also go foward with anti gravity mode

adrian chavez says:

first like and comment

Cyrell Cainglet says:

In your guys opinion how much would you rate this RC? I’m thinking about getting this

Bob Smith says:

anyone know what the black wire is for when you open up the whole thing? is that like an antenna? cuz it’s
not connected to anything and I can’y get it working. 🙁 Thx in advance

Miguel Perez says:


Phoenix gamer892 milli says:

Does it have wire mine does

Robby says:

You were wrong about the batteries, you said it uses 6 C batteries in the car… but it uses AA batteries, 6 AA’s in the car and the 2 AA’s in the remote.

Leandro Paganoto says:

What is the thread that connects the control to the car?

SonicTheSpeedKing says:

is that mario removeable

Darth Korn says:

How do you drift?

daily8150 says:

Why is it called anti-gravity shouldn’t it be hovercraft mode

super ultra gamer says:

Can it work on Asphalt

swt643113 says:

My daughter has one. It worked when we first got it. Then we had to change the batteries. And now one aside is not turning. Can this be fixed?

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