LGR – Re-Volt – PC Game Review

Quite possibly the best combat remote-controlled car racing game yet made. Seriously, Re-Volt was fantastic in 1999, and its gameplay formula remains timeless. Think R.C. Pro-Am meets Mario Kart. Pure win!

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Derek Tweedie says:

PS2 version was sweet too. It was identical to the PC version

abel alvarez says:

Damn ROCKET LEAGUE has a strong influence from this game i love it!

alp_thegamer studio says:

Memories… :'(

Cleanz says:

awesome game

TVBForever says:

I love this game.

Ryan McClintick says:

Looks like a modern indie racer.

Badgey says:

i tried finding the second version i used to play, apparently its gone

ongsuk chakraborty says:

OMG i remember this game…my favourite car was splinter X!! Loved this game and the music <3

Handsome_Hero says:

Lasting skidmarks. Yeah I know what you mean

Sunny shah says:

This game was part of my childhood, i had almost forgot about this game,
thanks for reminding me of this game and letting me relive my childhood experience. 🙂

scrimex says:

Wish this game have reworked online play

J König says:

Very old and cerz god game.

Valentin Svensberg says:

There is a game published years later that it’s really like this game. It’s called MadTracks. I love it so much…

Kepri NL says:

I thought RC Revenge Pro was pretty decent. The switching between cars and boats on some tracks was pretty cool. The car selection was crap though.

blackcheesyghoul says:

Why would somebody flag your vids and what does it do?

fine93 says:

2017 still a good game!

McLambo Youtube says:

I played this sooooo much!! Awesome

David Thornley says:

it appears to be freely available currently at http://re-volt.io/downloads I’m not vouching for this, as I haven’t tried it yet, so I’d be interested in affirmation from anyone who has.

CueMarkInTheCorner says:

I remember this on PC, not too bad for back in the day.

FugelKusch says:

Hey TRACKER, looks like it’s CARNIVAL isn’t it? But don’t you dare to cheat!

mike says:

such a great game !

Oskar Wänstedt says:

this needs a sequel 🙂

Usque Ad Finem says:

I still play my ps1 game lol and Im 24

Saba Öztürk says:

I used to play this at school with my classmates

Pedro says:

Thanks man!! So many memories… oh god, i miss this times so much !

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