LaFerrari – Unboxing, Review and Arduino 2.4GHz RC Conversion!

LaFerrari – The fastest and most expensive Ferrari so far…

This is my biggest “El Cheapo” RC car so far. It’s in 1:18 scale. I bought it in a local toy store for only 25 bucks. Why? It had the price label for the 1:24 scale version on it… Normally, it would cost 49 bucks.

It even has a 4 cell AA NiMh rechargeable battery pack and a wall charger included.

Unfortunately, the 27MHz remote never worked. But this didn’t really matter, because I convert all of my cheap 27MHz cars to my own DIY 2.4GHz Arduino “Micro RC” system…

“Micro RC” documentation:


C.G.E. says:

Hi. Great job there. You gave me an idea. I’d like to revive an old Tyco Scorcher 9.6v with a 27 mhz remote, but I need your help here. It has 2 motors, 1 each side, it works like a tank. The remote has 2 commands that allow you to run each motor separately forwards or backwards. I’ve checked both motors and the remote still work perfectly but the control board inside the car it’s corroded (it was stored several years). Since functions needed are pretty basic, similar to what you did with this car, do you think I could do the same using exactly the same modules/parts you did? Do you recommend me to use the OEM remote or get a new one like you did in the video? Thanks in advance!

kriss fly says:

OK thank you. I have watched some more of your videos and trying to understand all of this. Was going to order my boards today. My understanding the newest transmitter is the 1.1 and receiver is 1.3? And I was going to get the HP version. Why I ask is the transmitter schematic I printed out says transmitter version 1.2. Just wondering if you had a 1.2 version or maybe that’s just your schematic version. A video on setting up the transmitter and receiver sketch changing options and so on. would be super appreciated if you would have the time. Thanks for your help. Also getting your conversion board for that NRF24l. Is there anything else I should get from OSH park while I’m ordering for this project?

kriss fly says:

Hello again. I have been buying broken scratch and dent rc and fixing them for kids for a few years. Mostly helicopters and drones. So I have a few 27 MHz car and trucks that don’t work. Can I use the stock transmitter and build a circuit so It could be used? Question 2 can I use a mini pro and build a circuit for the receiver? Just looking for a cheaper route to put more cars in kids hands 🙂 i’m also going to send an order off to OSH park and build your system. And would put it on my channel if that is cool with you. Thanks

Luis Fernando Corado says:

Hi, I love your project! Is there any kind of kit to buy? like transmitter PCB+revicer PCB+components? I would love to buy a few. Greetings

Edikxp says:

Lifepo4 format 14500 2s – 6.4 v full power ))

kriss fly says:

I have successfully downloaded the transmitter program and libraries and uploaded to a mini pro. But when I go to the receiver I’m not understanding the PWM frequency library and how to load it. Could you possibly do a short video? Thanks for all the info. I have a hummer mustang Corvette Durango blazer all 2.7 gig broken. It will be cool to see them roll again and some kid enjoy them 🙂

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