Kaotiks Psychoplex Review. Kaotiks RC Stunt Cars

Kaotiks Pyschoplex http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review another playset from Kaotiks. If you are not familiar with Kaotiks, please watch our first video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-38750abrr4 – which has more information about the Kaotiks RC race cars.

The Kaotiks Psychoples is another fun playset that features big jumps and plenty of stunts. Here is all the info –

The Psychoplex includes a gnarly two-sided oververt pocket for massive backflips — or for reaching for that insane 90 scale foot high jump! Can you handle the tabletop action over the spine? Ease on over in a smooth frontflip, or blast it at full throttle! The spine is a two-sided ramp that tests your nose and tailwhips. Get KRAZY with the Psychoplex! Psychoplex connects to all other sets for even more KAOS!

The Kaotiks Pyschoplex sells for about $59. Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review of the RC Kaotiks Psychoplex Playset


JD Comedy says:

What’s up

Minecraft PE says:


The_Real_Hyper_Plasma_Productions says:

im at this part of the internet again

Hudson Melideo says:

600 mph got it

linnie arnold says:

You cool

IICrazedRedneckII says:

Piece if Shit…

wyattbarron says:

A poor mans version of rc

Andrew Campbell says:


Fineapple says:

I got the #1k like

cool wow ow says:

don’t ask for likes

Mitsuha M says:

Preety cool

DerkuiDerkui says:

Very cool!

Sak Sutzi says:


Michael Woodland says:

If only it went 600mph in real life… *sigh*

JackaBoy234 says:

It only goes 100mph…….. It so awesome, it goes so fast

dylan tyurralde says:

Mine won’t charge can you help me

sebastian lopez alejos says:


Marion Perry says:

Great video! I just subscribed today! [ Maybe next time a little more action.] I forgot to like. I am going to do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gianni C says:

where did you get it?

Tre'von Smith says:

how much

Nothing says:

I might have to get this

chev202 says:

I cannot get the battery to stay in the cars! what’s up with that????? there easy to get out but getting them back in is fn impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

itsyaboi69 says:

pretty awesome

Krypto Crasher says:

I you can and have the time, can you send me one in the mail? I live in jersey city, on 329A Monmouth street.

James Johnson says:

so cool im getting it probably for christmas

Bruce Yung says:

I will get all of them! Very cool!

4EverInDiamond says:


Csaba Balla says:

joo video

Ismail Siddiqui says:


Brody Smith says:

were do you buy them

Name Dove says:


DH Holy says:



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