Is the Arrma Outcast Really Worth $500? Full Review

After some time with the Arrma Outcast 6S BLX 1/8th Stunt Truck, I give my full Review of the $500 Ready to Run Remote Controlled Vehicle, including a damage report after my epic bashing session!
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eimb1999 says:

You know, you don’t HAVE to shorten words when narrating. You CAN say the word “differential” instead of abbreviating… but maybe saying “diff” appears to be more “hip” in the minds of the nerds?

Behindspace90 says:

4:00 What an ignorant thing to say that it’s a negative thing that the tires are almost exact copies of the Proline ones. You don’t know anything about the underlying intellectual property agreements between both companies whatsoever. You don’t even know if Proline has legally protected its Badlands threads. They probably haven’t. Any manufacturer is free to copy them. Why wouldn’t they? And even then: you don’t know if there were any agreements made between both parties. For all you know, both companies could be owned by the same shareholders anyways.

Maxiaj RC says:

the engine wire’s that pull out you can use shrinkwrap or maybe silicon line (for nitro car) to keep it in place? but looks very good the car! nice vid

Everything RC says:

Hey man I am getting one of these what battery should I get?

SuperCoyotecaller says:

Wing is more to level out rc when doing long jumps.

RC Nation says:

Why does Arrma copy everyone!? They are currently being sued by Traxxas for copying, and stealing their designs. Now you pointed out they copied the Proline badlands. It’s a shame they can’t be original….

splitshot71 says:

Thanx for the the info good stuff. I’m trying to decide between the Kraton and the outcast. Would appreciate ur opinion thanx.

Kamal Elayyan says:

Can you please tell me which one is better this one or the kraton ?? I’m planning to buy one since 2 months and cannot keep up my mind and choose one yet … Thanks a lot ,,, your video is very informative and useful…

Bige4u says:

Outcast is right, just lQQk at those pentagram wheels @ 0:05 . lol

Rezblade says:

I think it looks great and the with the wing , I would also take that body put it on a drift chassis

Los Santos City says:

Guys help! Can i put Bigger monster tires on Typhon? i want to turn it into a monster truck. Is it okay?

Σπύρος Πιπέρης says:

Which rc is the best rock racer in your opinion?


very nice,, I’ve got an xb maverick Vader very quick now I stuck a mamba in it


hey rc network thanks for your quality vlogs im in australia and i like ozzi rc playground but vas doesn’t do much in the hi quality kits as you do so i watch your channel for that! i want to get a tekno mt410 and can you tell me the most powerful tekin truggy motor i could fit in it as it ssems to have minimal room in the chassis?? Glenn

Tyler Prater says:

it looks like a 1978 ford high boy

Charlie Fulton says:

My favorite line ever for bashing – “I ran this thing like it was the last day on earth”! Thanks man great review appreciate it.

Rahul De Costa says:

Outcast or Nero?

mightymbd3 says:

Hey. Love the vids. I’m in the market for an rc. I’ve narrowed it down between the outcast or kraton. I can’t decide. Any preference? I’m literally about to flip a coin. My main concer for the outcast is the front end lifting constantly and being annoying. Did you find this to be an issue? Any feedback will help… from anyone!

Tee Tellis says:

I was a traxxas guy but i found my self buying arrma lol. I need the OUTCAST asap.


even tho this rc is pretty low price and seems ok… i would rather pay another $500 to get a quality built truggy..


Can you remove the wing?

thexDoubleCx says:

Other than the diff gear none of your cons are cons to me

Peter Mabbort says:

Hi there, may I ask? Can I run this on 4s for my younger son as well as 6s?

Mark Pelto says:

List tires and body styling as negatives. Go on to rave about how you love both later. OK
Thoughts on the wing: I think its great for protecting the body. Land hard a few times on the truck bed and you’ll destroy the body… I learned that with E-Revo and E-Maxx BL models. Those diff gears look super tiny for 1/8 scale/6s power. Yikes

Gabriel Abdo says:

got review on the Kraton?

michael dev says:

you cant put a price on a lot of fun smiles and excitement hahah
love this truck

Pizza Truth says:

just recently got back into hobby grade rc. i bought a cheap 37$ jjrc q36 rc its 4wd and hits about 20 mph has a few mm thick metal chassis and all for that price. also has ball bearings for the axles. comes with 2s 400mah lipo and charger.

Thot Spray 2.0 says:

Debating on the Kraton V2 and the Outcast, same price for both but I really don’t know…

Dylan White says:

I’m seriously debating this vs a kraton, vs tekno mt410

Noztradamuz says:

So if a RTR car doesn’t have a Li-Po Battery included it’s still a RTR car? doesn’t the fact of not having a Battery makes it non-RTR? jaja just saying…

Sonic Rainboom says:

I understand a lot of Outcast owners have experienced servo failure. Is is because of the servo itself or all the flex from the servo mount? Please reply and thanks.

michael dev says:

whats the part number for those spiider gears? might order me some just incase

Gs5v5 7bv6tv says:

would you buy the out cast or the arrma nero big rock?

Trea Duling says:

Goto the 1/8th Arrma Facebook page and ask for Greg Brandt and get his GKA Aluminum parts and upgrade it and do a GKA review.

MartyCortez says:

cool truck next on the list…lol thats where i take my cars to play too..Lake Forest behind carls jr.

Brian Sorci says:


Moto 4565 says:

Just picked mine up at hobby town for $399, can’t beat the price

12R1 says:

Hey Rich go check out Voltage hobby they have a great survo mount

Chris Chupp says:

That servo moving is bad

Claudio Moody says:

Hi Rich. Thanks for the vid. Did I see you comment that of all the arrmas the Typhon is your favorite? If so can you tell me why? Looking to see if you reviewed it.


Would love to see this side by side with a revo or summit.Wonder how big it is

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