Hot Wheels Terrain Twister Review. RC Car That Drives on Any Terrain. Hands On Review

Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister. Today we review the Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister. This is a new version of the Terrain Twister (Tyco released one years ago) from Mattel Hot Wheels that is radio controlled and can drive on any terrain. We tested it on dirt, pavement, grass and in water. The manual also states it will work in the snow. Take a look at our full hands-on review of the new Hot Wheels Terrain Twister car and then head over to http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review. UPDATE – We have an exclusive Coupon Code to save you 15% off this and ANY Mattel toy. The Coupon Code is “DADDOES” and you just enter it and boom – save 15% on anything.


TruVlogTv says:

didn’t have much power did it?

Doge20177 says:

can this thing drive forwards

Jaydn Wilkins says:

Not rocks

joseline salinas says:

quiero uno

Doge20177 says:

who else thinks the toy looks cute?

Louis Harmsworth says:

How fast does it go

colorado rc says:

drives on any terrain except rocks

Баглан Кожахмет says:

незнаю зачем но хочу

cleiwiton vlogs says:

Kkkkk bosta

dalia aizicovich says:

holly shit

jacob schweitzer says:

I pray you find god before it’s too late

Jonasz Przybycień says:

Its 2017 and I want it.

Admiral Owl says:

I don’t want to be rude, but you could easily take that money toward that thing and instead buy something completely better like a Traxxas Stampede 4×4 for land, a Traxxas Aton for flying, or a Traxxas Spartan for water. I think it is a waist of time and money, also if a motor or a wire break, it is trash. all of Traxxas RC products are completely rebuildable, and it’s also very easy. the Traxxas stampede, Aton, and Spartan are all FULLY WATERPROOF all Traxxas cars expect the XO-1 is water proof. even the bandit. I hate that stupid alien-like 2 year old toy

Dan Demma says:

what a piece of crap

bryan salcedo says:

No nigga

DeAndre Enrico says:

Not sure if I’ve ever heard worse music in my entire life.

b13579d24680b says:

Imagine that thing with LiPo

crimson falcon says:

greatest grass trimmer ever 😛

Sheryl Cyranoski says:


megan haller says:

Is tat for water

José Leonardo Yumo Tamo says:

wuuuuaaaaaa quesupre donde consigo una

Koksu. pl says:

super jest ma wiele zastosowań

Fly Lights says:

Right around a little piece of crap looks like a steamroller

Drag star says:

not good video

Nate Rolenc says:

I have One


7w7 -.-T_T ( •)> cuac :v

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