Holy Stone – Motion-Controlled Scale Supercars – Review and Run

Link to purchase from Amazon.com:
Lamborghini – RTR ($70) – http://amzn.to/1YsfrOG
Porsche – RTR ($?) – http://amzn.to/1MAqyQh

These are scale supercars that can be controlled via motion-censors in the controller. They are very slow though, so these are for kids, or enthusiasts of the actual cars.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Brian Evans says:

I like those a lot! Especially the scale. I know you don’t like it when I compare Chineese brands with American brands, but if I could choose between this and the Wl toys A979…
The price is just a bit too high. But great review anyways!

Perrypippip says:

how long did it take to do ya intro

teamSAF bmx says:


bat man says:

I like cars like a mustang

Jaco (Hunteds RCs) says:

Nice like the cars. Pity about the Lambo though. Love cars. I have a scale BMW i8, which has great lights with blue LED grill. It’s also slow and not made to race around. A shelf dweller for sure. My controller packed up though and will need to find a Tri band 27Mhz replacement controller somewhere.

Jordan lkn says:

waiting for the lambor doors open~

TheRubiksPilot says:

Actually the Porsche comes with 5 batteries. Sorry for the criticizing

Dave Vale says:

nice change of pace brother

AppleNinja says:

Does it fly?

The RCAddict says:

The way you were talking I thought it would be half of that speed ;P The look nice for sure, but I was surprised about no proportional steering at this price for a scale model. Good review =D

Smokin' Quads says:

wow! a lamorghini breaking and becoming a shelf/(trailer) queen, crazy how sometimes art imitates life. lol.

Aschhaim Beck says:

nice MR. Ryan

Meghana Kini says:

I have lamborghini veneno toy how your wheel broke ?

eyaan roomi says:

cheap wheels probs made in ‘china china’ lol no offence

AndyRC says:

love the joystick idea

Steve RC says:

Darn, hoped to see the Lamborghini’s doors open and close.
Thumb’s up Ryan!

Roc Hunt says:

Do the traxxas summit Vxl

DutchRC Adventures says:

Those look the part Ryan 😀 These are around 1/16 size I think?? Might be nice to do hobby-grade mods to 🙂
Grerat christmass kids present indeed 🙂

That Car Guy 27 says:

There where only 13 Lamborghini veneos made, 4 roadsters and 9 customer coupes

Manol In says:

Five batteries… 2.08..;)

parisa daraie says:

The Spider goes 10 miles per hours. Lamborghini goes 20 miles per hour. Not in real life, In “joystick control” language

TheCheezySquirrel 1415 says:

It’s spelt veneno but it’s pronounced beneno

Tobi Lang says:

cool cars!

Sheikh Hassan says:

porche had 5 batteries not 6…Lol

jean alves says:

Only me never bought any rc that came with more than one battery? =c

Andrews RC says:

The people driving by were like “why is a grown man driving a toy in the parking lot?!?” XD

Roc Hunt says:


Balwinder Singh says:

you are osama

BWX says:

Was waiting for Lambo doors! LOL

dragon master says:

What was the very first rc you ever got?.

Vividcg says:

I definitely want to hook up fpv gear to a speedy RC car in a kinda follow cam config and see if its any good. anyone done that yet?

Shell Racer says:

decent speed

Chloe Javellana says:

Nice rc car

Bryan Nandall says:

Cool cars

Clone 클론 says:

Is that a mad catz joystick I see?

ItzDrewDrew says:

Nice vid but next time put the Lamborghini in

Manol In says:

And your kitties still missing… Z@

panic mike says:

Hallo Ryan. Am sure you can fix that lambo easy. Its a pin that press into the weel. If you take the body of you can find a way to put somthing behind that pin, a screwdriver for example so it would not pushed back when you press the weel back on. Then you can press fit that weel back on and your ready to go. Your welcome. 🙂

K M Mostaque says:

i wanted to see the Lamborghini but its ok with the Porsche

Erwin Holland says:

Hey ryan, you know how to use a screwdriver right? 😉 Im betting you could fix the lambo. Just have to hold the peg for the wheel on the inside, would be an easy fix i think.

lucas sebborn says:

Hi I’m looking to buy a drone and have a budget of $100 I am also a beginner and want the drone which will get the highest quality video.
What would u recommend?

Jordan Ashjari says:

The Porsche is the better deal

Pretzil295 says:

70$$$ for kids toys??? I can buy one for 15$$$ (only it doesn’t have opening doors and it doesn’t have anti gravity…)

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