GTA 5 – DLC Vehicle Customization – RC Bandito and Review

RC Bandito

Base Price – $1,590,000
Class – Off-Road
Drive-train – 4×4
Primarily Based off (stock) – Correction: Traxxas Stampede

Part of the Arena Wars DLC Update Drip Feed


Chris Myer says:

Money is easy to make, I almost own every car in the game, 51 Pegasus vehicles, only 1.6m for rc isn’t bad, still got 20m left

Mr. Aero250 says:

Fun fact: The blackout screen indicates that the players is actually getting into the RC Bandito, soon as they sit down, their whole body disappears.

And going into any interior will destroy it automatically.

Huy Nguyen Ho says:

I think rockstar need to bring the prices lower on the cars because on my account I only have 1. Something million cash and yet won’t spend on any cars it damm expensive

Micha Martin von Obereschenbach says:

Only Blyat Nahui not Etiey

the Warner says:

Wish they had a shop where you can super build like 5 cars of each class into 4 categories like offroad. Drift. Drag. And race yea know? They could definitely do it…

ShinyPikachu says:

Where you go to upgrade it at?

Some wolf 1 says:

The bigbrat is the rancher from GTA 4 I’m sad that we don’t get a stock version

Brian Palay says:

Just another way to empower free mode griefers. Hanging out and working in a session is getting harder and harder.

Mr Wavy says:

1mill 600k toy car (Takes 3 rpgs to destroy)

3mill 600k vigilante (1rpg boom its gone)

Rockstar logic (WE’RE STUPID)

Austin Gostomski says:

I was considering buying one until I realised a real one was cheaper.

OSCAR M1KE says:

The slamvan lid is based off the very first grave digger

Chris Hopkins says:

I use it for exploring small places

{-KAPTAIN-} TM says:

I see a nerf in the future…

Aussie Andy says:

It’s not just the price of things .. the workers get UNREALISTIC PAY PER DAY it’s B.S Rockstar.gta money hungry, p.s the bandito is cool lol & sounds realistic too 🙂

Burak Simon says:

Can MK2 lock?

Markus Müller says:

1.6 millions plus upgrades for that thingy?!? No way Rockstar!!!

aCookie4u says:

I try and go in mine and get kicked out anyone know why?

Ethan Barata says:

To late

Nathan Williams says:

I have a slash 4×4 too

Kenyon papen says:

It’s based off of the HPI savage

Justin Lynch says:

Its great for messing with tryhards and griefers.

cesarcastellan0s says:

just wow..

Pubg Playes says:

Can anyone help me get money on ps4 it’s hot pepper

Mauricio Renteria says:

If anyone regrets buying this and wants to sell message me on Xbox:michothebest and I think I can help

lee thomp says:

We should be able to listen to the radio in this. That loop sound gets annoying after while.

Space Man says:

I wish u didn’t have to own an whole arena workshop to store this plastic toy

Why u do this to me (ง’̀-‘́)ง

RedSquare221 Xbox one s says:

What is your favorit color

Galaxy S3 says:

Whats your kd?


I have 5 million, should I get it?

Soul Snatcher says:

1.5 million dollars is way to much, rockstar is way over their heads with the prices in this game, money hungry idiots.

paulzuel3 says:


Ethan Murtha says:

Oh I can’t wait to kill people this thing can’t wait to bring to a car show and blow everything up

Henry Opico says:

Rc bandito Car Show this Saturday?

Fooos says:

Only getting it because of the explosives. This thing will be so funny to troll tryhards with.

Alex Webb says:

There new races with these RC Cars are ok (double $ and RP) I racked up over 500K in a few hours but I win almost every race

QwertyTwinkleToes says:

Dude it’s basically an customizable rc-xd in gta

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