Great Wall Toys – Car-In-A-Box – Review and Run

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RTR ($7) –

The unique thing about this car-in-a-box is that it uses 2.4ghz, so you don’t have to screw a metal antenna into the transmitter every time you want to use it.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Rezo Nasyidashvili says:

What has been the effect?

Mattie FANG says:

Hey guys, we really do appreciate your interest for this mini rc car and we understand that being able to choose its color is highly preferable.
Yet due to the fact that the manufacturer can only ship out random color, TinyDeal is unable to provide color options in the product page. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Jaco (Hunteds RCs) says:

Nice!! Should make some nice XMass gifts for the kids, which includes the dads 🙂

Rett Vironi Obillos says:

Great Reveiw Ryan!!!
I Liked It!!!

panic mike says:

Hallo there. Can you run 2 or 3 or 4 together for racing?

Hydra Inarms says:

thanks for the fast reply

RC Overdose says:

Cool little stuff haha.

Darryl Suber says:

rip off of pocket racers

Jimmy tube Vlogs says:

It is a pocket racer

Emmanuel Austin says:

It’s a really nice car

Hydra Inarms says:

hey there flyn ryan.
need to ask you.
where can I purchase that specific casing.
not the coke cane one.
but the cassette case controller one.
your help Most appreciated.
cheers mate.

Bryan Page says:

can I have a rc trick or car or boat I really want one u make it look so fun cuz I watch ur videos

livin' rich says:

Funny i got all of them besides that red mercades sls

The RCAddict says:

Wow, great little car for the price! Nice review 😀

Duhh Valerie says:

what are they called. pls answer I want to buy it

Muaz Ali says:

thank you for the excellent review and I just got one 😀

rayaan ashraf says:

hi are you going to do a review of the cheerson cx 10c?
i would really like a review!

bukster1 says:

I liked the Great Wall tank better as it had sound effects

Justin Dechambeau says:

I had a gw toys rc helicopter, the xieda 9958… total piece of crap

Simian Squared says:

Not directly related to this vehicle but I bought the Wltoys L939 which I thoroughly recommend as it’s dirt cheap but has analogue steering and almost-analogue throttle (its actually 5 speed settings mapped to the trigger) rather than binary on-off — I haven’t seen that in anything in it’s price range. Can also limit the top speed to any of the 5 for tabletop racing for example. Happily carries a fair weight and actually i find it stabilises it a bit when at top speed. Carries mostly any camera you can think of, I’ve stuck my h107d on it for FPV haha.

Edit: I see you did a review of the 929, seems similar but without the analogue steering.

walter simpson says:

How long did it take for deliver?

JB MERAT says:

so can we play with 7 cars maxi? 27 mhz, 35 mhz, 40 mhz, 49 mhz, 2.4G A, 2.4G B, 2.4G C ?????????????????

san thar says:

your awsome

QualityDooDoo says:

They look more like Pocket Racers.

Minipop BOSS says:

what is your opinion of buying a quadcopter with a camera but i only have 200$ because im deciding to buy one

bwcpublishing says:

Good Video. I made videos of all 4 different colors Pocket Racers. They are not as easy to drive as the larger cars, but a lot of fun. I also have 2 of the Car-In-A-Box. Except for the long time is shipping from China they are good cars.

Krispyyz says:

Knock off pocket racers?

HelmutDoork says:

I saw a pic of the bottom of the car. These have trim too. My can-car doesn’t and of course needs it. I must be unlucky as every RC vehicle I ever had with no trim never went straight.

Erica Gruden says:

Ftw di niente e non si volevano fare un po’di tempi di consegna e il primo maggio a settembre e ottobre a dicembre e gennaio a giugno e luglio a settembre e ottobre a dicembre e gennaio a giugno e luglio a settembre e ottobre a dicembre e gennaio a giugno e luglio a settembre e ottobre a Roma e Lazio che non è mica un po’di tempo per il compleanno di mio padre e figlio è un po’di tempo per fare il lavoro di squadra e non si volevano fare il bonifico di euro a persona diversa dal destinatario è vietata la diffusione in qualunque modo y di niente e non sono riuscita a fare tutto il resto è tutto ok non c’è e non si volevano fare un po’di tempo per fare il bonifico per il compleanno di mia moglie è in grado di fare un po’di tempo per fare il bonifico per il compleanno di mia moglie è in grado di fare un po’di tempo per fare il bonifico tramite home di niente e non si volevano fare un po’di tempo per fare il bonifico per il compleanno di mia moglie è in grado di fare un salto da me con le over a tutti ho una buona serata a presto e buona serata e grazie mille e buon fine cgdhdttrtjk al sì ma i miei più cordiali e non per

Eduard Kaplun says:

You should review the fast lane rc snake bite monster truck

Matagal JG says:

just 300 hundred likes?????

Hydra Inarms says:

just would like to know what are your thoughts on the hot wheels nitro speeders..
maybe make a vid of it??
by the way love the vids.
very interesting.
just purchased the hubsan 107c.
didn’t even know it existed till I saw it on one of your vids.
anyways grate stuff.

walter simpson says:


Clouthound says:

i might get this just to put a microquad lipo and a high rpm motor in it and make a literal pocket rocket.

supreme rc says:

The green one in in the box looks like a Lamborghini aventador and the red one looks like a Mercedes sls Amg

mhena abuel says:

Where did you buy that mini RC car i want to buy one please reply

symmetrical_A1 says:

How many channels are available for these?. I’m afraid if i order 2 both of them would come with the same channel and i wont be able to race with my friend 🙁 .

thefallingpi says:

I think the reason the car was in a playing card box shape was to show how small it was.

KidsPlanet says:

Oh, that was cool one!

Snafu Times says:

FR what’s the range on these cars? Thank you


for some reason I fully charge the car and I turn it on and the remote and it wont work

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