FIRST BEST RC CARS For Kids And Adults – (2017) Best bang For your BUCK!

These are my honest recommendations for the best rc car for kids and adults and for your first Hobby grade Rc car. There is a huge difference between Toy rC Cars and Hobby grade Rc cars. 2wd traxxas slash 2wd traxxas rustler

If you want to get started and the rc hobby and your’e not sure what to get.

These entry level RC cars and trucks are your best cheap rc car options without sacrificing quality and lack of parts and support.

Don’t settle for extremely cheap rc Cars because you will left with a very unsettling feeling about the RC hobby.

These recommendations are for tough rc cArs that will last more than 2 or 3 runs rather than sit in the garage broken in pieces and cannot be repaired. These are very good rc carS!
Click the links for my best recommendations

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Kevin Burch says:

Keep up the good work on the vids thank you for helping me make my decition. Very honest spot on review.

Texas Bassin with Wes says:

Should I get the 4wd 1/16 or 2wd 1/10

Juha Koivumäki says:

In finland the parts are not avaible easily to any traxxas

Brock W says:

love your work Ricky

Buti Bader says:

I just got into the hobby and my first rc is a mini e revo I’ve only had it for about 2 months and I keep stripping the rear diff is their anyway I can stop that from happening?

zander wilkie says:

I was thinking of purchasing a slash 4×4. It’s my first proper car, so I’m wondering if it’s ok for a beginner.

Brian Rivers says:

Highly recommend the slash great truck and so many upgrades for it you can almost make it so it doesn’t break although it is already tuff to break I do recommend the traxxas upgraded drive shafts and suspension caps the easiest part to break after that your golden

Erwin Orval says:

I’m going for a 4WD as my first hobby grade RC car. The Traxxas E-Revo 1/16 brushed version with 2 extra lipo’s and a parallel battery connection. (the VXL brushless version is a little bit too expensive for me at this moment) After a while upgrade it to brushless and buy metal gears and stuff and buy a series battery connection so it will go very fas. I can’t buy a bigger RC car because I can’t transport it. I don’t have a car. Only a bicycle so it has to fit in a backpack. What I want to do with this car? Give it a hell of a beating! Backflips and stuff like that at a skatepark and drive through mud and stuff like that. I know…. it needs a few upgrades to handle it like stronger A-Arms and better springs. But I find the parts pretty cheap to replace. What do you think? Is the E-Revo 1/16 a good idea?

Shhshshsha Lallal says:

hey I don’t have alot of money like most people said what’s the cheapest?

hariharn monesh says:

I am a bigginner do you recommend me a jlb cheetah

Kevin Simms says:

2wd slash rocks!

RC Hobbies,Lightsabers, and SWGOH says:

Your absolutely right on it!! Perfect suggestions

MyPuppers says:

great vid bro ! you are so bang on with the info ! im not a fan boy either , but traxxas is as tough as they come ! so true , no matter what the brand is you will brake something . ive seen guys buy an rc10 team car , bash the heck out of it and think its a piece of crap when it brakes . its a highly tunable competition race car , not a basher ! a little research before going into a hobby shop can help as well as vids like this one ! thumbs up bro !!!!

hariharn monesh says:

what about jlb cheetah

Forio vec says:

Yo, any opinions on 1/10 2wd Torment SCT Brushed, Lipo? Here’s the site for the car.
I’m not really going want to start with a slash, i know it’s good but i don’t really have money for it and it’s even more expensive in our country.

Edit: theres also a brushless version off it so if you could give me so simple comparison i would be thankful. 🙂

Cj Ferguson says:

U said 200 dollars is a cheap car and I get it because it’s the slash and it is amazing don’t get me wrong but I don’t have 200 dollars so what’s cheaper!

James Clark says:

Traxxas is not that expensive if you choose carefully, and parts are cheap and easy to find. However, nothing Traxxas makes does anything really well. I have a Slash and its fun, but its just a basher. Arrma is cheap, and VERY tough. a 2WD Arrma buggy is cheap and fast and lots of fun. If I was starting again, I would buy an Arrma over the 2wd Slash that I started with. Good video!

thebadshadow says:

true. i hav traxxas ford raptor 2017 .my frnd send it from US .my kids hav lots of fun with it in im planning to buy xmax for them.lov u traxxas

Brain Spanking News says:

Great video! Thanks

Ljob345 says:


Sergej Nadazdin says:

my first hobby grade RC: Thunder Tiger EB4 S2.5 Pro. cost me €200.

RC Hobbies,Lightsabers, and SWGOH says: my rustler nicely modded

Edgar Martinez says:

I don’t own a traxxas but I do have a redcat racing caldera 10 e actually great truck for the money, parts are not available in all hobby shops but if you have a redcat dealer in your area your good or online this is brushless equipped with a lipo battery hitting speeds of 40,

growlingbehemoth says:

No man, throw them out the deep end and get them a Losi MTXL.

CommandrX says:

AS much as I like the Traxxas Slash, I would say the Bandit, Rustler or Stampede are the better intro RC cars. Cheap with lots of parts available for them from stock to modified.

Tipeagle says:

I got one slash 2wd vxl coming to me these week i hope. coude have bought a just one i see for under half price. but if i gonna start rc driving then i woude like a new one that shoude work for a few days^^ whent for the vxl since im an adult. and might whant some more speed whit lipos. and the slash had that training future for me to start whit and later for my kids if they wanna try. friend of mine have a summit so not sure il be able to keep up if he drives off road but il try:)

Dalton Burk says:

I have only seen it for 400$

Jonathan Muench says:

But what if I don’t want to invest $200 in a rc car. I’ve bought a mini bike for this amount and wish to find an okay car, preferably with suspension, under $60. Any recommendations?

Double Jump Gaming says:

I’m ten, I haven’t had any REAL RCs, just toys like New Bright, and have barely any mechanical experience, and thinking about getting the Traxxas Slash 2WD, any suggestions on others?

Ascension NCS says:

The video was very good, looking forward to seeing more!

Ric Peat says:

I recently bought a Courtney Force Traxxas Slash and I love it! Your video was 1 of a few that helped me make the decision, thank you!

Colio Vlogs says:

i love the traxxas stampede good starter car

Britain Q says:

Not bad though

Britain Q says:

You’re beard bothers me

teku 57 says:

The traxxas rustler is better

Bastian says:

Had a couple Traxxas T-max 4×4 Nitro gas trucks back in the day. (about 12 to 13 years ago) Got pretty into it, but haven’t messed with this stuff in a while. Thinking of getting back to it, and I’m hearing that all electric is the way to go these days.
Problem is, I know very little about modern electric motors and batteries. So when you’re talking “brushed motors” and this and that battery, I have little idea what you’re talking about…..

Zackariah Koltz says:

what would u say about a 2wd ECX Torment? i bought it but my model got Discontinued It comes with a lipo out the box now.
Anyways. would you recommend it or not?

thebadshadow says:

and one thing more .also check out new traxxas trx4 landrover

Joseph Romaniuk says:

Hey man any UK links

Hung Ngo says:

I’m looking for something really fast but still cheap !

Matts Rc Addiction says:

Arrma all the way great warranty and the 1/8 are tough as nails

Potter tons says:

*Long RANT*
I wish I listened to the MILLIONS of beginner recommendations before I got my Redcat but I was stubborn and couldn’t justify spending that much money on an rc car.
Thing is, I wanted a 4wd 1/10th scale ‘NON LIPO’ truck/truggy just for casual bashing and messing around with my toddler son. So I grabbed a Redcat blackout XTE.
For me, it’s great because with no previous experience I have nothing to compare it to and I’m very satisfied with what it puts ought. The BIG problem is when something breaks…..full throttle into a curb and my Chassis snaps in half.
Now, my options are to either drive a good hour + away (past MUUUUUUULTIPLE local hobby shops) just to get to a store that carries parts for my brand, or order it online but I’m impatient. Lol
Even if I do manage to get it at the store, I’d have to leave it there for repair, which means another 2+ hour round trip plus the cost of labor.
I’d gladly fix it myself with the aid of a YouTube video but there’s NOTHING for Redcat blackout’s.
As for Traxxas though….
Need one?, down the street (heck, even Best Buy in Canada sells them)…need a part?..down the street…and the BIG one? REPAIRS and MAINTENANCE.
You need something done on a Traxxas slash? YouTube has TONS of videos that can pretty much aid even the most novice of individuals to do a full build right from scratch to a fully customized finish.
Plus you’ve got the ‘training mode feature’, and the fact that you can switch from NIMH batteries to LIPOS.
Overall, the convenience, quality, durability and service that’s available for these cars is a MASSIVE plus for a beginner such as myself.
Problem is, I can’t afford one at the moment and just can’t be bothered to go through, what seems like, WAY too much hassle just to get a chassis replaced on my Redcat.
Sorry for the long rant, but from one rookie to another, I thought I’d break it down because trust me 3 things WILL happen.
1) You’re GOING to enjoy it
2) You’re GOING to break it.
3) It’ll suck ASS when you can’t easily get from 2) back to 1).
I do have one question though. Why is a 2wd recommended over a 4wd? I’d have thought that the driving ability of a rookie would be best offset by the handling of a 4wd. No?

Hugues Boisvert says:

As a 1st truck, I’d still like a 4×4 (because, Canada…). Considering that the 1/16 are about half price compared to the 1/10. Is there a down side to going 1/16 (parts availability, durability, etc)? Looking at the e-revo 4×4 1/16 (which is actually cheaper than the slash 4×4 1/16). You did mention that the e-revo can be a pain in the butt however, so wondering if it’s because of the 1/16 or the build. Thanks.

Scotchie 420 says:

My first car was a 1/16 erevo vxl it was a amazing car still is,now I have a arrma granite and now a rustler vxl


Is arrma as nice as traxxas?
Cant get Traxxas anymore at Tower grrrr
Cant get ANY discount anymore

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