FEIYUE FY03 DESERT EAGLE 3 4X4 1/12 Review – [UnBox, Inspection, Drive/CRASH Test, Pros & Cons]

An in-depth review of the very durable and powerful Desert Eagle Rock Racer which you can purchase here: https://goo.gl/ILZ1nT

I really give this truck the full treatment from Unboxing, inspection to Driving/Bashing and going through a pros & cons to wrap it up.


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Great Lakes Drake says:

I brought one of these a month ago and I love it even though I’m still running stock…but now I’m about to start upgrading it to brushless….I need more power & speed…One of the main likes about this RC for me is it can take a beating….And the optional handed transmitter is excellent… I’m a lefty but drive right hand opt….weird…but love the review and my Feiyue 03 eagle…..

unknown 1 says:

I can barely drive this car at all before the motor overheats. what can I do?

jayko colom says:

Thankyou for the excellent review just ordered one

Koksfliege says:

The Powerswitch is behind the seat of the Driver.

Ken Gamble says:

DANG IT, now you’ve gone and done it!
I used to race these things about thirty years ago and had forgotten how much fun it was, now I’m old and it’s time I go for my second childhood !
I’ve been watching your reviews on the quads and thought I might get one, now I see this and I want one of these !
I like that controller, the way it gives you a choice of right hand or left, I’m right handed but drive like a lefty.
Thanks for sharing!

alex vernyi says:

I am kind of considering using one of these to make an offroad muscle car, like from Furious 7, using a 1/10 drift body. Could you tell me the wheelbase and axle width, so I can see if it would fit under a 1/10 body?

crimsonfancy says:

I like it, Dustin. Hard to decide when $100 gets me a babyhawk. 😉 In soon enough time I’ll have a truck…this one looks tough

Seth Turner says:

This was a great review.

Tobi Lang says:


Isaac Lyons says:

Awesome truck!

UNICRON 9 says:

I love this thing for the price but ever since my first time running it, it makes a pretty loud grinding sound inside the car when I turn the wheel all the way to the right. Doesn’t seem to affect performance, but it probably isn’t a good thing. Anyone have any idea what it could be?

Rico Ami says:

which is better feiyue FY03 or wltoy 12428?

Ian Mangham says:

That tx lefty righty option is just pure class

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Now I’m wondering a) is this better or the same as the A-cross? b)Which do you prefer? c) What does the slide switch do on the controller? I was about to buy the A-cross

FPVtested says:

try to avoid grass and sand with this thing , otherwise you’ll burn motors one after one 🙂

Chris20213 says:

Can you give away this rc to me, I don’t have enough money to buy on plz it would mean a lot.

Ethan Mccutcheon says:

There is a off and on switch it’s behind the seat

Aden Garner says:

hey man love what you are doing with rc cars. great work. by the way can you make more rc baja/trophy truck videos. it would be great content

FarminG World LV says:

do jjrc q39 pliz

Scott Comber says:

Im a newb to RC, Does anyone know if two of these trucks be raced at the same time? without interfering frequencies etc?

James Games says:

Is there speed trim tho

The GamerMobile says:

A-cross or Eagle 3 ? Which should I buy ? Plz reply

Damian Głowacki says:

Groove street

feroz babu says:

Hi…how is FY03 battery durability (1500 mah)

apache Mitchell says:

great vid

Zetorek says:

a-cross or this eagle3 thx for any advice so far thinking of across

James Games says:


BRS RC says:

Yo Dustin you in Hawaii bro? I keep thinking I’m hearing a little pigeon in your voice

Brad Bostock says:

great work once again dustin

prado jim says:

Awesome bro.

Damian Głowacki says:

fy03 or wltoys12428 ?

The Rc Hunter says:

I have the version 2 Across think out the both the Across is tops with working l.e.d’s and £10 cheaper..

Kittyboy 729 says:

I just bought this!!!!!

Big drone flyer77 says:

Don’t know how I missed this video, sorry I was late on this one.that thing is awesome.cool Lil thrasher.thanks Dustin. Cheers bro!

Shelby Holmes says:

Looks kinda like a traxxas transmitter.

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