Feilun – FC089 Mini High Speed RC Car – Review and Run

Link to purchase from Banggood.com:
RTR ($20) – http://www.banggood.com/Feilun-FC089-2_4G-Mini-High-Speed-Remote-Electrical-Control-Car-Toy-p-998761.html?p=Z431161082112012126P

This small car is quite fast, and reminds me of the old Air Hogs Hyperactives. It has non-proportional steering, but the throttle is proportional.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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Quad flying Mav says:

super fast little thing. what is the frequency the transmitter runs on. I have one similar and it wont go over 15ft away. It run on 27mghz. still should be much more than 15ft.

Noah Dommasch says:

Just got my dji pe advanced you should do a review on the series

William Thresh says:

Hey could anyone recommend a good quality small rc car perhaps smaller than this one that is slow and has good handling (for racing on a complex track) thanks.

Wax Pragmatic says:

Looks like an upgrade to the Kickflip/Beatbox.

youtmeme says:

I have this! I LOVE it! One of the best micros i have. it has power and torque. I put better tires on mine and it runs smooth over rough pavement, grass, dirt, anything. and it DOES need the rollbars. trick is u need to use zipties to keep them together so they dont spread. it also has great range and time. one of the longest lasting of the micros. the hard body is also great but i swaped it with my q32.

The RCAddict says:

That has to be like 200 scale mph! Nice review 🙂 I bet the people pulling in were like, who is that bum? Lol 😉

kiki carrillo Hernandez says:


Cai Emily says:

I think it is a nice gift for kids

aidan c. says:

Can you remember who comments?

MEOW! says:

Hee heee, what a funny and fast little thing! I like it 🙂

Snafu Times says:

FR there’s an infrared, 2 sided little car with foam wheels by AirHogs called Hyperactive Stunt I think. Would you know of a source for a Chinese version? Thank you

aidan c. says:

How many mph? Good video 🙂

The QueensConquerer says:

That thing looks so fake and tachy, weird transmitter. But I’m surprised how well it drives.

Ashish Amatya says:

are u reviewing wltoys A202/A212/A222 series 1/24 rc buggy? What really interests me is that it has all metal chasis, linkages and uses 2s lipo and receiver plugged in seperately. really looks hobby grade..

Divine Bovine says:

What do you do after your finished with the toy

009 talalkiller says:

What mean RTR

John Wedrall says:

as usual a good video. yep your right Ryan, as far as the car goes – -too much bounce for the ounce! 🙂

ahunt_rc says:

Ryan I bought one of these online and after the 4th or 5th charge the back wheels won’t move. The throttle doesn’t work but the steering still works. I don’t know what I did wrong or how to fix it.

Frequent Flyer RC says:

Cool review!

4thGloryMonday says:

Thumbs up man great vid

Indoor Quadcopters Plus says:

Bro I can’t say it enough, YOU ROCK!

Michelangelo D'attoma says:

thanks so much for the info

8o8inSquares says:

Rocket league in real life anyone?

pnkflyd66 says:

Green is the colour of her kind
Quickness of the eye
Deceives the mind
Envy is the bond between
The hopefull and the damned.

Steve RC says:

Feilun packs a lotta fun into a $20 RC.
A good one for the young nephews.
Thumb’s up!

Matteo Frezza says:

flyn ryan do you know how much your cheerson cx 10 c lasted you

Aditya B says:


Strike Mech says:

so basically is this better than the hyperactives ?

Avinesh Patel says:

You sound like joe from family guy

That Guy With the Pointlessly Long Username That You Are Wasting Your Time Reading Right Now says:

Hey Ryan, try to install the roll bars in an “X” pattern so they’re braced against each other and hopefully won’t split

Rett Vironi Obillos says:

Ryan How Much Is Your Dollar There?

vassilis Thegreek says:

oh ok just hear you said it doesn’t work for you lol I skip the important part of the vid

jerryleelewis92 mattkirby says:

I love that green car , it’s so cool , great video Ryan

15 d0b says:

Can u get this in stres in Canada??

Ahmad Fadil Fadil says:

i am buy it now

Shaheen Moughal says:

did you but from amazon

Adrian Pammer says:

with the roll cage try a crossing the wires across one another

Johann Wolff says:

ecx kickflip/beatbox clone! Love the video


bonjour j’aimerais savoir s’il est possible de l’acheter en plus gros?

Ernii says:

Where can I find this in the UK?

Michelangelo D'attoma says:

Hi Ryan what type of camera and mic are you using for your videos?

Angela Milici says:

I had a smaller red one I used to make cardboard ramps I miss it

the wolf pack says:

I know you have the big light up heli pad but you can use the the charger for landing the micro quads or what ever you call the smallest of the quadcopters!! It looks like a heli pad when I saw it I was like “why did it come with a landing pad?” Haha

vassilis Thegreek says:

nice, I seen a vid of these with 2 anti roll bars on top of the rc

Gekogaming Bree says:

Finally a ground video

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